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Dr. Jubala is a Rock Star. I had terrible carpal tunnel. I couldn't sleep, my hands would get numb when driving, but in just a few minutes (in his office) he fixed both hands. A 1/4" incision in each hand on Friday and I was back at work on Monday. Since there was no surgery center, no fasting, and ... See More


My hands are my life with her in a couple days before Christmas my hand started hurting I bought one brace for my left couple days later had to buy a brace for my right I called doc to see what they could do for me his death rest assured me that they could take care of my hands within illuminated ti... See More


It was just what I hope it would be in an out no wake up time, had been putting it off till I saw a brochure on the place every thing was great , thank y'all so much... See More


I had the Trigger Tome procedure and it was as easy as I had hoped. Well worth the drive from S Florida. 5 days since I had it done and I have about 75% ROM and strength back. Thanks for developing this innovative option!... See More


The experience was great. Hardly any pain at all. Went to Baghdad night with no pain in my arm at all. Less invasive than any other form of surgery that I’ve seen. I would highly recommend this procedure... See More


Awesome Doctor. awesome staff. very helpful knowing that I had a 3-hour drive they did everything they could for me so that I didn't have to travel back and forth.... See More


I'm beyond gratefull for doctor Jurbala, he alleviated my hand pain cause by carpal tunnel syndrome. We drove from broward county but it was worth every mile, his technique is great and the price is affordable. The procedure lasted about 15 minutes and now may pain went away!! The staff there is gre... See More


The entire process took about 2 hours and went smoothly. My hand is still sore but healing nicely. The best news of all is that it seems to be completely fixed. No more dead hand and I was able to sleep an entire night without waking up in the middle of it trying to get circulation back in my han... See More


I was extremely satisfied with Dr. Jabala and his team. Everyone was friendly, professional and organized. My appointment was at 8:15am and I was in the parking lot ready to go by 9:30am. The procedure is unbelievably quick and painless. 3 days later and I only took the pain medication twice. The ty... See More


The staff was awesome! and Dr. Jurbala was super nice with my mother!... See More


All was done right in the office. The Dr tests the degree of CTS you have and if you are a candidate for surgery he proceeds with the surgery if that is your request. Everyone in the office is very professional and friendly and make you feel at ease. The surgery takes no time at all and my recovery ... See More


I had had trigger finger of my thumb for about five months. I had tried Cortizone injections twice that were unsuccessful. I knew that I could not do that again because the pain was intense and I gotten a relief. I started looking online and that’s when I found carpal tunnel Express, they had tes... See More


I'm a metal worker and a welder for 30 years and have suffered with hand and wrist problems for years until I was not able to make a fist with my right hand. I would not get surgery on them because all I would hear is bad things about the way surgery was performed and the complications from it. Suff... See More


From start to finish, everyone I interacted with was very pleasant, helpful and friendly. I am dealing with multiple issues affecting my hands, so I am waiting to see how significant my results are, as I only had the procedures 6 days ago. I enjoyed no surgery-related discomfort (during or after),... See More


While I was thinking I might require the procedure I wasn’t quite ready for it. The staff and doctor all took time to explain what was going to happen and answered my questions. I would not recommend having both wrists done on the same day (like I did) as my hands and fingers remained numb for a f... See More


I can't say enough good things about Carpal Tunnel Express and Dr. Jurbala. From my very first contact when I reached out for information to my arrival for my appt., it was a seamless experience. Every interaction I had with his team was positive, professional, and efficient. Kimberly even made sure... See More


For the treatment of my trigger finger issue: Firstly, the entire staff are a bunch of kind, wonderful professional people who go above and beyond to prep me and address any questions I had. Secondly, Dr. Jurbala is a second to none best doctor who was very kind, professional, knowledgeable and ac... See More


I went in for my 2nd trigger finger surgery. I am a dental hygienist in Tampa, FL. I can't take a lot of time off from work so when I heard about Dr. Jurbalo's noninvasive surgery, I went right away! It was amazing how quick recovery was, and my fingers are as good as new! Dr. Jurbalo and his s... See More


Carpal Tunnel Express was an excellent choice for me. I had been dealing with the pain caused by Carpal Tunnel for almost 2 weeks. After a brief phone exam my appointment was scheduled within 2 days! The procedure could not have gone better. From check-in to exam by Kim, Prep from Troy and the actua... See More


Today is Tuesday. I had my surgery on both hands on Friday morning. The shooting pains and burning from my shoulders to my finger tips were gone immediately. I still have some tingling in my fingers but It has only been a few days. I am very pleased with the results I have received from my surgery. ... See More


Dr J is the best , its day 4 day after my surgery an I have no real pain what so ever , the pain is so calm that I haven't had to take the pain meds prescribe to me , I would recommend him to all my family and friends, thank you for making me pain free , Daniel F.... See More


I am thoroughly pleased; Dr Jurbala was very confident and thorough, and professional with the procedure,, a great bedside manner. The numbness in my forearm has totally stopped. The follow up from Troy was thorough, he asked enough questions to determine my progress and that my hand surgery was hea... See More


Doctor Jurbala was very Knowledgeable and Compassionate. Staff was very Helpful and Efficient. I will Recommend Carpal Tunnel Express to all my Friends at Rotary.... See More


Delightful experience compared to the "old" way of Carpal Tunnel repair. Dr. Jurbala and staff were extremely caring before, during and after surgery. Honestly, I was reluctant at first because I was able to have the surgery the very first visit, but once I walked through the front door I was at ea... See More


Excellent people who are very caring and concerned with your well being. Hand pain gone and recovery has been very quick. ... See More


Great experience. Much better than the normal surgical procedures. No anesthesia and up and going right after. Sore for a couple of days but back to normal quite quickly. I would recommend this procedure to anyone questioning getting carpal tunnel surgery... See More


Excellent staff.. In and out quickly.. Pain is bearable and only really last a couple days.. I will recommend! ... See More


Extremely happy and satisfied with the result of my surgery. It was all worth the trip from Palm Beach Gardens. I was diagnosed with severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrist with excruciating pain in my entire arms that penetrated both the splint and medication, but immediately after the surgery... See More


Dr Jurbala excellent doctor very knowledge, he did a wonderful job. His surgical team very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. I'm doing great . If you ever need someone to talk to a prospective patient about my carpel tunnel experience , feel free
to call me . Thank you all .Mayra Hernan... See More


Very professional staff, the procedure lasted maybe 15 to 20 minutes. I highly recommend Highland Center for Orthopedics. I was back to using my hand in 3 days.... See More


As a home health RN in Vero Beach, I know all the great surgeons who could have performed my surgery, but I chose to drive 2 hrs to Highland Center for my bilateral carpal tunnel release on Sep 1st, because I could have the procedure done in a very comfortable recliner under local in less than 10 mi... See More


Had my right hand done Friday Aug 25. It took little over an hour for everything from check in to check out. I work for Trader Joe's and it a very physical job. My hand was getting so bad I could not grip or hold a brush for long. I came across their ad and made my appointment. Insurance paid f... See More


Was in and out for carpal tunnel surgery. Doc was no nonsense. Already have an appt for my husband shoulder.... See More


I had a carpel tunnel procedure on Friday Aug 25th. My experience was amazing I was in at 9:15 AM and out by 11:30 AM. Everyone was amazing from his nurse to his assistant. Dr. Jurbala took his time to explain everything to me and answer any of my concerns. I traveled from Miami and it was worth the... See More


Very pleased with service and professionalism of the group. RaeLee as the first contact and thru till the end was terrific. Kim, Troy and Dr. Jarbala all made me confortable through out the process. Exteremely happy with this operation and the key people. Thank you! ... See More


After being diagnosed with carpel tunnel in my hometown I was very upset. I am a hairstylist and traditional way to cure carpal tunnel would keep me away from my job for at least month. I was very happy to see DR. Jurbala's ad on the internet. I made an appointment and received treatment last Frida... See More


I can't say enough about how nice and thural everyone is staff was completely professional from the first phone call till the completion of my procedure... See More


2 days later my hands feel better then before surgery. They are still sore but I'm so glad I did it. ... See More


From the receptionist to the doctor everyone was pleasant and helpful.The procedure was painless and the doctor did everything possible to make me confortable.Day 2 after bilateral surgery all I am taking for pain is Aleve
Very cool procedure, sounds like recovery will be short. Thank you Dr. Jurb... See More


Had extreme pain for years with both hands, I was always told an outrageous $$ amt. that the carpal tunnel release would cost me. So I continued to suffer until I came across Dr Jurbala who does the surgery in the office. It was less money, faster recovery and it really worked I have no pain in eith... See More

From start to finish this group of people know how to take care of you. It's been a week and my surgical wounds are almost healed and I should be back to work 2 weeks after my surgery. That's amazing cause I had people telling me I would be out for months. Hey has really developed a revolutionary way for carpal tunnel surgery.

Jon Constantino gave Highland Center-Orthopaedics a 5 star review

After 4 standard trigger release surgeries I decided to try his surgery technique and I would highly recommend this procedure.. It was very fast and I recovered the use of the finger in a couple of days

robert vazquez gave Highland Center-Orthopaedics a 5 star review

I am a dentist and cannot afford to miss the time off of work. This was very time efficient and at a lower cost. I was a little nervous but everything went very well. Thank you all for everything.

Keith Blankenship gave Highland Center-Orthopaedics a 5 star review

Third trigger finger done by Dr. Jurbala. Staff is welcoming and professional. Procedure is quick and painless. Recovery period is much shorter and easier than it was with two trigger finger procedures I had done by another doctor in another practice. Would unconditionally recommend Dr. Jurbala and his staff.

michael fogle gave Highland Center-Orthopaedics a 5 star review

The Doctor and staff are very good at what they do, but for some reason my experience has not been typical. Anesthesia wore off only 4 hours after surgery, hours before I was able to pick up pain medication.. HORRIBLE pain! It's been 6 weeks and I'm STILL in pain from the surgery and just last week returned to work!! I work in a wharehouse, long hours and heavy lifting. However, most of my CT symptoms have disappeared so I'm happy with the outcome just taking forever to heal! Not blaming the facility in any way...there are exceptions in all situations, and I drew that unlucky straw! I definitely would recommend Carpral Tunnel Express!

Micheill White Wolf Estrella gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 4 star review

I can't say enough good things about Carpal Tunnel Express and Dr. Jurbala. From my very first contact when I reached out for information to my arrival for my appt., it was a seamless experience. Every interaction I had with his team was positive, professional, and efficient. Kimberly even made sure that Alexa played the music that I liked, so that was fun. Having a very comfy leather recliner to lounge in was a new experience for a surgical procedure. Surgical prep was very thorough. And last but certainly not least, Dr. Jurbala was fabulous. He was clear in explaining what to expect, made sure I was comfortable, and has a pleasant demeanor. Some doctors don't care to engage with patients, merely wanting to "get 'em in and get 'em out", but Dr. Jurbala has a genuine interest in the time a person is spending and an appreciation for the trust his patients place in him. The procedure itself was quite impressive, taking no more than 15 mins, with absolutely no pain or discomfort experienced (aside from the very brief poke of the needle for the anesthetic - easy peasy). The post-op instructions were very clear and I went on my merry way. After the numbness wore off several hrs later, there was some pain, but nothing major. I returned to work the next day. Sitting at my computer typing was a bit taxing, but I adapted. My hand feels better each passing day. I HIGHLY recommend Carpal Tunnel Express, Dr. Jurbala, and his entire team.

Karan Holtz gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I am thoroughly pleased; Dr Jurbala was very confident and thorough, and professional with the procedure,, a great bedside manner. The numbness in my forearm has totally stopped. The follow up from Troy was thorough, he asked enough questions to determine my progress and that my hand surgery was healing. He also helped me process paperwork for the FMLA from my work, as I needed to take a short term disability until I have full usage of my hand-and this is specific to my particular work place and job description; driving all day, heavy keyboard use among other strenuous daily activities. -- Richard Castle

Richard Castle gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Excellent staff.. In and out quickly.. Pain is bearable and only really last a couple days.. I will recommend!

Sioux Bourassa gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

These people are great! So professional, caring and Dr. J really knows what he is doing. In the past 4 years....I've had 3 procedures. I first read about trigger finger and we flew down to Florida from Illinois where my surgery immediately took care of my problem. A couple of years later..the other hand had trigger finger....ditto. 4 weeks ago I flew down for bilateral carpal tunnel release at Carpal Tunnel Express. It was another 5 star experience. Can't recommend these folks enough. Thanks so much Dr. J!!

Pam Barnes gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review
Katie Burris gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

5 stars to Carpal Tunnel Express. My wife and I both had C.T. symptoms and had our procedures here. The office staff was informative and pleasant. The surgical staff and Dr. Jurbala were exceptional. The procedure was over in less than 15 minutes and the discomfort was minimal. The results were fantastic. No more numbness or pain or sleepless nights. We would certainly recommend this medical office to anyone suffering from C.T. symptoms. Don't delay get it done!

Denise Brewster gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 4 star review

Had a great experience at Carpal Tunnel Express. Everyone was very professional and punctual. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is dealing with this problem. Unlike being under anesthesia, you get to communicate with the Dr. and gain a better understanding of the procedure.

Mark Taylor gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Highly recommend Dr. Jurbala for carpal tunnel surgery. From diagnosis to treatment all in matter of an hour! So thankful I found him. Office staff and medical assistant very accommodating and professional. Highly recommend. Feel free to pm me with any questions.

Sue Matthesen-Hall gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I am typing this review about 20 hours post-Bilateral Tunnel Tome! I am so excited to say that my right and dominant hand (which was the worst) has major increased mobility-ALREADY!! My hands are a little stiff, swollen this morning, however, I slept for the first night without any nagging, throbbing pain, numbness, and tingling that I have been dealing with. It is my birthday today and I am going to celebrate!! Thank you, Dr. Jurbala!!!

Sandy Wheeler gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review
Gwen Clarke Breen gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review
Jennifer Haines gave Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

Dr. Jurbala was the first doctor to actually take an interest in my husband's problem. After seeing four other doctors he was able to give a diagnosis and... more

Nancy L. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

--- 1 day after --- (7/17/2014) Had my trigger finger fixed yesterday. Normally this is a somewhat invasive surgery with at least 2 weeks of downtime and... more

Kevin D. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review

I'm extremely happy with the whole process and the results! I'm from NYC but was working in Miami when my trigger thumb problem started and very quickly was... more

Nora A. gave Brian Jurbala, MD - Carpal Tunnel Express a 5 star review
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