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This is Kyle McManus from Season 13 of the high ticket closer program created and hosted by Dan Lok. I wanted to touch on a few things that HTC has help me with. Foremost before HTC I found that my life lacked clarity I knew I wanted to be more than what I was but I just didn't know exactly, I now have clarity of not only exactly what I want to do but even better than that how I'm going to get there. Secondly I know that I have some issues personally, and Dan's course really helped me get to the bottom of them and start truly being happy with myself again. This seems strange for a course offering a high income skill but it truly goes way beyond making money you will transform into a more efficient version of yourself, therefore adding more value to the marketplace. For those who are questioning if this course is right for them or skills they need before you sign up I can assure you it doesn't matter. Prior to HTC I was an Electrician so I had some reservations, everything is laid out for you and you will not only have a 7000 plus member group supporting you specifically you will be assigned leaders who take the initiative to reach out to you answer all questions you may have. As well as this my time was a huge concern, in my previous career I found myself working 12 hours a day 6-7 days a week so needlessly to say I was concerned. Yes it was hard work and some work days after class I was tired but in the end I cant imagine my life without this skill, also there are so many features in this course that accommodate busy individuals. Previous to HTC I had never Invested in a course online and I'm so glad I did, the value delivered was exceptional I wouldn't hesitate to spend $20,000 or $30,000 for this course totally worth it. For anybody on fence now is your time don't wait you'll be so happy you didn't procrastinate.



-- Kyle M

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