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Hi, I’m Megan and I am a High Income Copywriter.
When I signed up for the HIC program I knew it would be a gateway to the life I wanted to create. I had been working with a business coach but was finding it hard to set myself apart from all of the other copywriters out there. 9 weeks later, I still have complete peace in my decision to become an HIC. Had I known where this program had the potential to take me, I would have been willing to pay a lot more for it than I did. It’s been worth every single penny.
The High Income Copywriter Program has saved me a decade of learning on my own. Before this program, I was a total beginner. I had no marketing experience WHATSOEVER. It’s endowed me with advantages (and confidence) I didn’t have before, and the principles that are taught make so much sense!
After about week 2 of the HIC Program, I started to notice the difference in how other Non-HIC copywriters were writing their copy. I could see the advantages I already had that would set my work apart from everyone else’s. The advantages and insider knowledge have been compounding week after week in this program, it just keeps getting better!
Watching this week’s class and re-reading my notes has me so incredibly fired-up for the future. The clarity I gained directly from going through this week’s material is something I’ve been chasing for the last 6 months… something just finally clicked. I KNOW I can make the life that I’ve always dreamed of my reality, this year.
I work full time at a very demanding corporate job that frequently requires me to work longer hours than I’d like…sending me home exhausted 5 days a week, but I’m very grateful to have it. Making the changes needed to succeed in HIC was easy for me at first, I love reading, learning and growing as a person. But life happens, and it was challenging to balance my job and the HIC Program and still have time to eat and sleep. On top of that, I’ve also been putting my new found High Income Copywriting skills to work. I was asked to team up with an Agency as one of their copywriters when I was 3 weeks into the HIC program. This agency aligns perfectly and completely with who I am as a person, I couldn’t be happier to be working with them! I wake up every day knowing I’m one day closer to quitting my corporate job and focusing solely on my copywriting.
So thank you for creating this program for people like me. You gave me the tools to make changes to my life that were impossible before. I’m extremely proud to call myself a High Income Copywriter and I HIGHLY recommend this program!

-- Megan H

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