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Hello SIFU Dan Lok and HIC team. My name is Shakhzod Matyozov and I am a High Income Copywriter, from Season 3. Well, during the 7 weekly classes, I've learned so much , not only about copywriting but also about myself. I've learned especially how to beat my lower-self and not making excuses and procrastinations which I used to suffer. However, now I am definitely not the same person I was when I started. I've achieved my powerful self-confidence and being commitment of what I am doing and consistency. As well as , I've discovered one the most important thing that I am able to attain my goals and can whatever it takes. Even HIC weekly courses were done , but still we are all one team, HIC family. Far before joining the HIC course, I wanted to work/join SIFU's team and meet with Avengers team and I think I've passed the first way of going there and I feel my dreams are coming true. Thank you SIFU Dan and all others. Wholeheartedly respect and love. Thank you.


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