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Hi my name is Ayesha Day and I am a graduate of the High Income Copywriting 7 week course!

Before signing up for this program I was searching In life for what I could do to make a difference in the world. I knew I wanted to do something big!

I started watching videos of Millionaires to get advice on what they are doing that I am not... I wanted to have the income that they had and the freedom of not working a normal 9-5 job just to end up giving all my money away at the end of the day.

So as I was watching millionaires’ videos and I stubbled upon Dan Lok who said in order for me to become successful I would need to develop a High Income Skill..
hmm.. makes sense I thought. The more I listened, the more I realized that this guy has the answers and I need to learn from him NOW to start achieving my goals in the shortest amount of time.

The reason I wanted to do this course was to help me improve my online sales for a e- commerce site I was working on. So I Needed this course to drive customers to my site since I have never done an online business before.

So I signed up for the course and I was told that there was an interview process.
I thought to myself what tha this isn’t like a normal program why would I have to do an interview? Don’t these people just want my money?

Before the interview I got so nervous about thinking “what if I don’t get accepted?” “Will I say the something wrong?”

Apparently the reason for an interview was this program wanted to see if I was serious enough to stick it out all the way to the end of the program since they only wanted people enrolled who were serious about taking action to better themselves.

So I went along with their requirements telling them I am serious knowing full well that I have never stuck to anything more then a week or two in the past.. “I’m a serious Procrastinator” not by choice I have the greatest intentions and biggest plans but loose interest quickly. Not sure if it’s adult ADHD or what!

After the interview I was told that I got accepted in the program and I was sooo happy cause the tension up until the interview was eating me up inside. Especially the night before and the day of.

2 weeks after my interview class time came around and I joined the Facebook chat and realized that there was so many people in this course! And they were all like minded like me. They all wanted to achieve great things in life and wanted to achieve strength and confidence within their field.

It was great! I felt like I belonged right from the start. Going through the course we were told to do amazing amounts of Homework which I haven’t done for like 15 years it was definitely hard! And my hand ached from hand copying but as the course progressed I realized I went from one page of copy to Twenty pages no problem. I could believe it!

Then after week 2... I was ready to give up like I always do.
But since I had so much support and worked along side so many people doing and going through what I was going through I guess it made me kind of competitive. I thought to myself I’m going to stick it out till the end even if it kills me.
And luckily I did because the amount of information and benefits and freebies given in this course exceeded my expectations!
This program gave me a full proof road map for me to develop my own ideas in the future and how to go about getting them noticed. It wasn’t just about product description anymore it was about knowing my market how to develop landing pages and how to close a client. It was crazy how much I got from this course! By the end of these 7 weeks I didn’t want it to end. I was Hooked!
To anyone who is thinking about joining this program but is unsure if it will work for them, Team Dan Lok sets you up for success every step of the way all you have to do is take action! It couldn’t be any easier. Before this course I had no idea what Copywriting even was and now I have closed my first contract for a 1 year term before even finishing this 7 week program.
What you invest is what you will get back 10 fold if you put these skills into practice upon leaving this course.
This course was definitely life transforming not like any other program I have ever been to in my life! But don’t take my word for it see for yourself!

-- Chrystal D

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