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Software Engineer Finds way to 6 Figure Income

Hi Everyone! This Is Nasreen Khan, I am a software engineer, I completed the Program called “HIC” High Income Copywriter from Dan Lok University.

I want to share about me. I am a guy who was shy in very big crowd & gatherings and always a bookworm and Nerd. I never tried anything about writing. I am having Ideas, Stories and articles to publish but I was very scared that, is my book accepted by others?, how to organize my content, where to start and where to stop?

Now After HIC, I got knowledge how to organize how to implement the copywriting skills, how to convey our message to right audience, Sifu Dan lok and Team Avengers(Peter, Ed, Stephen, Blake) gave knowledge and confidence to write my ideas, Stories to real world.

HIC is well structured program which tunes me from nahh to yahhh. The course session and content and assignments very well planned and fun filled. I love the assignments they gave another level of exploration in copywriting world. Assignments helps us to implement the course content taught in earlier sessions in real life. The bonus packs the avengers help and explaining with real time examples all are amazing.

HIC community is awesome place you can share your opinions with fellow students of HIC. This is the place you never felt you were left behind. From here we can able to know the power of Pack of Wolves instead of alone Wolf. You can express your self, you can confess, you can ask for help, you can help others. There is always a group of helping hands in this community. We scattered by geographic but united by HIC.

Sifu gave broad picture of Copywriting world to high I never imagined. The 4 Pillers of HIC and their importance, where to use when to use the course content, The Bonuses from HIC avengers team, digital help and support team they are at their best.

Thank you Sifu and Team Avengers(Peter, Ed, Stephen, Blake) for such an amazing course.
And I am proud to be mentee of Sifu.

I am Nasreen Khan and I am a High Income Copywriter.

-- Nasreen K

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