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This is still foreign to me...

Currently I sit in a library surrounded by people trying to better themselves.
Everyone seems focused and diligently working.

I on the other hand am fighting my Adhd.

No Opinions, No Excuses, and No Victims- these things cross my mind as I am brainstorming on how to write a review for HIC.

The lower self kicks in and I find myself lost for words. F&*#!

10 minutes pass
then 20...

But then I start to gravitate to the feelings I was engulfed with- while being on this quest into a High Income Copywriter.

Things start to flow...
The synapsis and heart start to connect
Fingers float and dance to the keypad.
They start to sound like a small tap dance routine
Giving me great rhythm and feel
Emotions start flooding from my heart to my fingers
It's as if they were 10 little Fred Astaire's dancing to a beat of a drum
Free from worry and doubt.


Stephen, Ed, Peter, Blake.
I cannot express the gratitude for what you have shared upon me.

Sifu mentioned that all of you could teach this class
And no doubt you guys did.
You shared and opened your heart and knowledge for others to grow.

And with that thought it lead me to something Will Smith once said.

"I was thinking about the word love.

At its core I think love is Help
Everybody is having a hard time...
So love is really a devotion to their struggle.

It's when you're committed to helping somebody with their life
Helping them to suffer less
Helping them to manage their mind and their emotions.

I think love is a deep desire for our loved ones growth, and their blossoming
And their all around well being.

When you love somebody you want them to feel good
You want them to be happy
You want to see them to succeed
-In life.
And love really demands an in depth understanding of their Hopes and their Dreams
And their fears, their Needs and Trauma...

I think love is giving and sharing our gifts for the purpose of nurturing them
And Empowering them...
And helping them to create ...
Their greatest Joys "

These words from Will rang true to me
and it cemented my feelings for what you all have shared.

There is no denying what this family means to me anymore.
I was always torn with my connection to this family-
Due to the foreign ways of interacting with someone you can call a Sifu or a Brother/Sister- while never actually meeting them.
All my previous connections with people that have had such impact on me were through physical interactions
Face to face as you will.
But after much thought and considerations I realised now that it was my Ego that was holding me back - limiting the full gifts that have been shared with me through this online family.

Love is Love.
Why am I degrading it with such subjective limitations?

You all shared a skill and personal stories to help us on our own personal journey's.

Stephen- A romantic doing whatever he can for the sake of keeping a connection and moment in time with loved one.
Ed- An Adhd teenager finding his way and growing into a young man with the skillset of a master!
Peter- A once lost soul who found his way into the light with icons such as Kobe and Sifu to help guide his way." Mamba Mindset"
Blake- A warrior's heart breaking free from his old chained life of being stuck in a systematic rat race life.

All these stories that you guys shared- I found myself connecting with intimately.

We've all walked a path that we one day altered.
And for that I cannot be anymore grateful.


-- Jim C

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