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It's 9:45pm and I'm just 'getting off work'. I had to wait until the cleaning people were done before I could video-tape this review. Yeah. You noticed. I couldn't get my phone to record. I spent about 20 minutes on it before I decided to write the review instead. In fact, my eyes are burning and I'm physically tired. I've been up since 4:30am this morning. I'll go to bed at midnight then wake up at 4:30am tomorrow morning and do it all over again. I work 16 to 20 hours a day. I sleep under my desk.

I do tons of research: tax code, statutes, history, insurance rules, banking regulations, contract reviews, grant analysis, legal definitions, the Patriot Act and lawful jurisdictions. I write up letters and inquiries, documents sent to judges, attorneys, 3rd party creditors, CFOs, bureaucrats and anyone else involved in the oldest, most difficult cases of breach of contract, non-performance and non-payment. The cases I work on represent hundreds of thousands of dollars to potential multi-millions of dollars and, one, possibly billions of dollars. And that's the grinding, mentally crushing, physically exhausting work I do ... for free.

In my other life, I follow my passion in order to earn a living: I train adults who have lost their jobs for new careers in IT. These are people who have lost everything - especially their self-esteem and self-worth. The only way they can afford to take the classes I teach is through government grants. I've been there. I have that t-shirt. It happened to me right after the down-turn. But the situation is worse today - unemployment is short and inadequate, jobs are available but at much lower wages, prices are higher than ever. I elected not to go back into the workforce and put all of my 31 years of IT experience and my double-digit technical certifications into a business. I found two partners who had already assumed all the risks for running training schools - I just walked in and started training for both of them. After a few years, a third partner showed up. I've been an independent for nearly 10 years. And I'm good enough to command full-time pay for part-time work and occasional gigs, freeing up my time to pursue other interests. Like working for non-profits for free.

I've owned my own businesses since I was 14. I started out washing windows and could finish an entire house in about 2 hours. I charged $20 per house. At that price, I had a LOT of business! I've waited tables, managed restaurants, managed a travel agency, written both fiction and non-fiction books, been a webmaster, a website designer, a content manager and an Information Architect. I've sold insurance, vitamins, organics, soap, phone cards, and tons of products I've forgotten - all before the advent of online shopping. And I did all of this while doing overtime at my corporate jobs.

Oh, and I was a single parent.

Over the years I've specifically gone after jobs and education that would expand my skillsets and increase my pay. I typically read 3-5 books at the same time. To me the internet is the biggest library in existence. I have a BA and I'm half-way through an MBA-IT. It's all cost me tons of time, effort and money over the years to get where I am today. And where am I?

In bankruptcy court.

Yup. All that time, energy, expense and promise is circling the drain. Or, at least, it sometimes feels that way. After all the amazing things I've done and learned over the years, I found out my entire life's worth was about $17K and change. The only car I could afford to keep was my 20 year-old beater that gets maybe 15 miles to the gallon. I'm trying to keep my house out of foreclosure and my eye-balls above water.

Why am I telling you all of this?

So you'll understand why I spent the only money the court let me keep on the High-Income Copywriter course.

I'm the product of the boomer generations. We're tough, strong, independent, go-getters. In short, we get things done. But we have one major flaw: we go it alone. Even with my partners, they have their side of the business and I have mine. But we never leverage our strengths for each other or offset our weaknesses with each other. Dan calls us "Lone Wolfs". And he's right. We're so busy doing it all, being independent, we never realize that we're NOT FREE.

We're sinking deeper and deeper into the pit we dig for ourselves, trading money for time, but never getting ahead. We're wolves without a pack. And I've come to realize: the pack is everything.

I've worked with teams, but a pack is different. A team breaks up after the game and goes home. It doesn't really exist again until the next practice, event or game. A pack may disperse but it never breaks up. The wolves go their separate ways, but they're always ready to be there for each other. I'm twice divorced and I find most people unreliable - even in the smallest things. I work hard and I like to partner with those who work as hard as I do. Those kinds of people are simply very rare. I never thought I'd find them - until I joined HIC.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I watched Dan's videos for months and I saw something different in the way he thinks. He's read a lot of the same books I have. Has attended seminars, workshops, conventions, etc. to improve himself and his knowledge. We all have the drive to become better versions of ourselves. But Dan was different. Yes, he talked about the same things, but he had a different take on the self-help and marketing information. It was obvious that he really thought about what he'd learned and then taken it a few steps further to turn it on its head and give it a much more practical application and a more universal meaning. It was something you could immediately understand and use to improve your life.

My favorite is "financial confidence" instead of "financial freedom". I have tons of financial confidence - but I didn't know it until I 'met' Dan through his YouTube videos. My goal was "financial freedom". I did everything the gurus told me to do. And I pulled ahead bit by bit, only to get knocked back by reality. I had mondo skills, amazing energy, no fear, great writing and public speaking skills. I'd even taken a number of copywriting courses. And I still wound up in bankruptcy court.

So, I had to ask myself, what the hell did I do wrong? How could doing everything right end up so badly? Then I heard Dan say something that would change my entire mindset: create a circle of copywriters whose specific expertise you can call on when you need it. No more 'lone wolf'. I finally understood: it was time for me to join a pack.

A pack has your back. A pack defends you against all comers. A pack allows you to make mistakes then lick your wounds. A pack celebrates every aspect of your growth and gives you the time and the grace to grow as a being and as a professional. A pack is family and beyond family. A pack is memory, companionship, camaraderie, support and so much more. A pack is never being alone.

Once I understood pack, the class, the incredible information, the insights, the benefit of someone else's experience, the analysis and the flat-out best copywriting course I've ever taken was ALL BONUS.

Was my last dime well spent?

Let me put it this way: how much would you give to finally find home?

-- Anne M

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