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So I guess I'll start from the beginning. I had previously enrolled in HTC and by the end of the class, Dan had convinced me to sign up for High Income Copywriter. Honestly, I thought the copywriting market was oversaturated and turning my hobby into a job would ruin it for me. But he convinced me that the market is starving for good copywriters and that it would be a valuable skill and since writing is something I know I'm already good at, why not use it to my advantage? Especially since this is a great skill for introverts and I consider myself an introvert. But I am working towards being more extroverted because I know how important it is to have connections.
Anyway, the more I did with HIC the more excited I got and the more I realized how well this skill fits for me. I'm so happy I found this course. The community is great and now I realize what the Creed means when it says "if everyone is moving forward together then success will take care of itself." because you can get your work critiqued by people and take it from 9/10 to a 10/10. If we work together to make our copy awesome, you can't lose.
I love the homework too because it reinforces it in your mind that, "hey, I just did that, I can do this!" that's why its so important that you do it. Is it overwhelming? Well yes, to me it wasn't too bad but that's probably because I'm a stay-home mom. I think this is also why this fits me like a glove, I kept up with the work fairly well.
I'm so excited to put my skill to the test and start earning money!!! I'm so confident I can do it and once my T-shirt comes in I'm gonna wear it with pride and put my certificate somewhere everyone can see!

-- Victoria B

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