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Aren't you TIRED of putting all your time and effort into a hole in the ground?

Maybe that's an exaggeration for you, but I know that's how I felt before I decided to give HIC a shot.

Years of putting more effort in than other people only to get less out of it because we were getting paid based on time, not value.

I knew that if I- me- MY value could shine through, I'd be able to grab success like a black book of secrets out of a forgotten, dusty alcove.

Only problem was- how? I wanted something of my own that I could use to make myself successful no matter WHERE I applied it. Screw making Johnny Clueless look better.

Wouldn't matter the industry, or the economy, or the average "industry wage" because I could do the same thing anywhere at anytime and still get results.

I found that in HIC, but before I even mention what I got out of it, here's what I doubted that almost kept me from this- to be perfectly honest -epiphany:

For me at the income level I started at, the cost of the program wasn't part of a paycheck- it was something I had to split across my credit cards. I made broke look good, but it still sucked feeling guilty just for ordering take out.

I'm not a talking head; every cent I invested in this program was something I was going to have to pay back, and if this was just another internet "achieve your dreams" scam then I was screwed- with tetanus.

And when you see the length of the course and how long the program is- because you're still thinking of money in terms of x hours for x dollars -you might just contemplate going back to community college for that culinary arts/massage therapy degree.

But hold up. Because whether you've been to college or just know how much debt you get into for spending years committing to a program that could end up earning you a piece of paper and nothing more (don't forget about that essential bowling physical elective you HAD to take), the old-fashioned way loses its luster when you realize it's not a machine for making you successful- it's a juice press to squeeze out your money into someone else's pockets.

I'll be quick with you here- if you're not just trying to feel better by pretending to become successful, you will get your money's worth out of the FIRST CLASS.

With what you learn from just that first experience, you'll have the ability to become the leader in whatever industry or profession you choose. If you even bother going back to a day job, that is...

Your life will never be the same after that first class. Mine wasn't. And I don't praise people for making me pay for what I could watch for free on YouTube- if the course wasn't worth my time I wouldn't be lying and saying it's worth yours. I'm not getting paid for this, okay? I just got so much out of HIC for MYSELF- forget my financial success -that if it was just that one class, it would honestly be worth it. And I couldn't just drink from the river without leaving a signpost pointing to it.

But it isn't just that one class, and each time you take in that overflowing wealth of legitimate, hard-hitting wisdom it'll feel like being born again. I'm not even exaggerating- you shed all the nonsense and the excuses and the negative crap that's built up over the years just DOING this program! You want a tagline? How about "I don't let myself down anymore"?

Sit in a quiet room for twenty minutes with no distractions and then tell me: can you honestly say you're already living up to what you know you can do? We both know you aren't, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this. You're reading because you're feeling what I'm saying- because I've FELT what you're feeling NOW and I'm calling it out.

So for the people that want to stumble through life lying to themselves about the nobility of poverty and "taking it one step at a time" take that one step off a pier. The old me living underneath it would be too busy worrying about making ends meet to hear you cry for help. And too laden with excuses to bother swimming out to you.

But we don't need mindless drones. And we don't want self-help tourists who say they want change but work to stay the same.

You can be just a nameless supporting character in somebody else's story if you want- have fun letting people pull your strings.

As for me, I saw things through with HIC. I slayed my dragons, met my comrades, and tore the pen from my "master's" cold, dead hands.

My name is Isaak Hyde, and I am a High Income Copywriter.

-- Isaak H

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