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Hola, I am Paulo Cesar from México and I want to share, that before joining the HIC program, I was looking to do something totally different in my life. I run a business as a sales representative and I felt stuck doing the same and I want a change. That´s why I join HIC.
After finishing the program, I have a clearer mind and I already made some changes in my business and I know is necessary to do it if I want to have a different result as I have today.
My experience in the program is surprising and amazaing; Dan Lok truly is an overdeliver . I have assist to "intense" business coaching sessions, seminars on weekends, but nothing like this HIC program. You have to prepare yourself for something that Will blow your mind and Will push your limits.
The community is fantastic, you Will feel like a family, they are very supportive, they are givers, they are simply amazing people. and I big advice is to surround yourself with positive, hard and Smart working and amazing people. You´ll love it.
Look if you are not sure to join to HIC, just decide.
The worst thing you can do is not doing nothing, DECIDE.
Decide if you want to change your life or not; but decide.
If you can monetize the program value, it worth at least 10 times more tan the actual cost, even more depending on your Results. So the investment is not expensive, it Will pay by itself.
HIC is a surprising experience my friend, is a journey where you can growth, push your limits, help others and make money as well.
If you really want a breakthrough in your life; join HIC you won´t regret it.

-- Paulo Cesar I

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