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If you're reading this you might be interested in copywriting, right ?
There's a few things you need to know before getting started...

First thing is there's two kind of copywriters...both are doing the same job though!
There's low income copywriters and high income copywriters.
I didn't know about this before but there's a huge difference between those two types.
Low income copywriters focus on writing while high-income ones focus on adding value, on looking at the world through the eyes of their readers and they close in print!
So which one appeals most to you ? Haha what a question 😉

You may have followed other copywriting courses but I can assure you that none of them matches HIC.
You learn so much more than just writing with Sifu Dan and his copywriting team.
They are incredible teachers, in the way they keep you interested and drop nugget after nugget of golden tips and advice.
You get classes from 4 to 6 hours ish for 7 weeks + a bonus class, and the price for this is ridiculous, knowing that Sifu charges 10 000+$ for one hour of consulting!!

HIC is a real shift in your mindset, life and business career.
It’s THE course you want to take when starting your journey to success and financial confidence!
Don’t let your lower-self take over and just dive right in and start writing your own destiny!

See you on the inside!

-- Noah B

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