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Dear Friend,
If you are reading this right now,
it probably means you’d like to become a copywriter.


I get it…

You see. Before I joined this program I had limited
understanding of what it means to be a copywriter.

But once I joined Dan Lok’s HIC program, I quickly learnt (to my pleasant surprise) that
copywriters fall in two categories…low income copywriters and high income copy writers.
What the hell is the difference between the two you may say…

I get it.

You see, low copy income copywriters are those you typically find on freelance sites who focus primarily on writing, while high income copy writers like me, ( and may be you in the near future) focus on generating income for businesses and in the process also get paid handsomely …
The thing is low income

Literally, as a high income copy writer you are the silent rainmaker for businesses.

I am pretty sure, as you browsed around the internet;
you came across various “coaches” or “experts” who claim they’ll teach you copywriting.

You may even have already bought some of their programs. And if you are like most people,
you probably even never read a page out of that packet… let alone play that fuckn CD they mailed to you…

I know after you were told to study hundreds of pages of sales letters, after sales letter without guidance, you ran out of steam…and like most people, you may have considered shelving away the idea of ever becoming a copywriter.

(I’m glad you didn’t)

It seems, that something just kept telling you that copywriting is your thing… and you kept searching and searching and you eventually found Dan Lok’s High Income Copywriters program. (phew)

I am glad, like me you got lucky too!
After years of on and of searching of who could teach me the skills of influencing people to take action through the written word, I finally found the HIC program and that’s where my copywriting magic story all began…

And here’s my story…

I can tell you that as I signed up for this 7 week certification program, I’d imagined that I would be taught how to craft a winning headline or how to write a great email from day 1… oh boy, I was sooo wrong!

Rather surprisingly… and now on a hindsight (what a brilliant idea it was), Dan and his co-instructors, whom we students fondly called the Avengers started us off with re-setting our belief systems… they worked on our mindset and led us to a journey of self-discovery… we each became a new person…or rather we just became more aware of who we truly are! This experience was mind blowing to say the least…

With different techniques, Dan and the Avengers (by the way these guys are among the best names in the copywriting in the world) took us deep into our own lives…to discover who each one of us truly are...

We touched our deepest dark spots and that was not all… Each one of us also ascended into our spots of glory – we got to places where we each had in the past demonstrated our super power…

This exercise shifted our mindset and set the stage for the coming weeks of hard core copywriting skills training. The course was intense – the classes were long- but each of us would be totally engaged because Dan and the Avengers, (who themselves are Dan’s senior students ) kept dropping nugget after nugget of jaw dropping knowledge… with many tips clearly out of this world…

Well. It wasn’t all hard work. We had lots of fun too. We joked and laughed. Dan and the co- instructors kept us fully entertained for 8 eight weeks… (did I say that Dan even gave us a 6 hour bonus class in week 8?).. Okay…. now you know how Dan and his team always over deliver…

We had fun but we worked hard too! The good news is we all started our life long journey of becoming world class copywriters.

So Today, after just 8 short weeks, I can proudly say without any doubt that I can now craft a compelling email that converts, a Facebook ad that will drive traffic to any website.

I can also create a Chat bot that will keep visitors engaged. And that’s not all… I can also build a landing page dripping with irresistible offers that will make customers take action again and again…and again.

Come now and join the happy family of high income copywriters from around the world.

And together let’s us write our own destiny to success.

See you on the inside!

Gerald Amandu,
High Income Copywriter /Season 1

-- Gerald A

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