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Hello SIFU Dan Lok and HIC team. My name is Shakhzod Matyozov and I am a High Income Copywriter, from Season 3. Well, during the 7 weekly classes, I've learned so much , not only about copywriting but also about myself. I've learned especially how to beat my lower-self and not making excuses and pro... See More


Dan over deliver's every time. In the 7 weeks I have learned so much. It definitely was not a "basic" study program for copywriting. Dan provides plenty of example subject lines, templates, funnel break downs, sales letter break downs, and much much more. The community is also great with leaders loo... See More


Mathew the High Income Copywriter has came a long way from week 1 to week 8. I have seen a tremendous amount of progression throughout these weeks not only as a HIC but also as a overall human being. This program has changed my vision in life and how I think every single day. It still continues t... See More


It's 9:45pm and I'm just 'getting off work'. I had to wait until the cleaning people were done before I could video-tape this review. Yeah. You noticed. I couldn't get my phone to record. I spent about 20 minutes on it before I decided to write the review instead. In fact, my eyes are burning and I'... See More


I had a great time with the HIC program, it was highly enjoyable and insightful regarding the world of selling through written words, the most fundamental level of sales that can be traced back to newspaper and magazine ads in the last century. I am very grateful to be a part of Dan Lok's class rega... See More


Dan Lok's High Income Copywriter has brought me much more insight than I expected. Not only have I learned about the content and structure of effective sales texts, but above all I got a changed mindset, which has ensured that writing sales texts has become a daily routine. Whether it's about the re... See More

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