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Vancouver, British Colombia V6B 1P1
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My experience with Dan Lok Education Inc has been an awesome experience. I got so much out of the program but now I’m just gonna share my 3 biggest takeaways after graduating the course.

1. Secret desires, I didn’t know when we purchase anything in life, there’s always this hidden emotions ... See More


Before embarking on my HIC journey, I had low self-confidence and self-esteem. Not just so, I had many uncertainties about the future that I envisioned for myself, not knowing whether I could dream bigger and achieve what I wanted for myself. My journey in HIC not only gave me valuable copywriting s... See More


It was a very precious experience with Sifu Dan Lok. The 8 weeks were intense, but Sifu's teaching is very digestable for me especially when he jokes with us. He not only taught me how to become a freelance copywriter, during the time he also taught me how to think as a successful person and let us ... See More


I join HIC during the Covid-19 pandemic just start and people now have to stay at home to work. As a university student, all of my classes were moved to an online platform. Because of that, I have plenty of "free time" so, like other "normal" teenagers, I just wandering from youtube to all of the ot... See More


Hi I'm Jermaine.From Season 4 glass student.I so glad I already graduation. Although I already graduation.But I will never stop to keep learning.Because knowledge can change destiny.I still feel that I am inadequate.And then I not perfect English.I will keep reflecting on how I can improve.I alway... See More


Hi my name is Asih John,

Originally Indonesian, I live in Vancouver, Canada.

My experience....in HIC S5 family is....?

I'm join in HIC S5 since June 23,2020 , I learn a lot things ...I never known that before....

Today days 34 since I'm joined in HIC S5,
Everyday I do my homework, h... See More

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