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Great service-corresponding with you made me feel like i was talking to a friend. I live in Mesa AZ and had this sent to my 'honey' who lives in Boston. He loves it! I have Montana honey here at my house now, but when that quart is gone will be ordering from here!... See More


I really love your Honey! My wife and I moved to Arizona from Colorado 4.5 years ago. We live in the NW valley and started to have allergies and believing in natural remedies we started to purchase local Honey, or what we thought was local Honey. Usually from a roadside vendor. Once I found your web... See More


Great service and incredibly fast. Clay's honey is so delicious. Honey has wonderful healing and health benefits and I love doing business with H & H Honey, they are the best.... See More

I bought some pollen from H&H last April. Great healthy goods. Its time to reorder and I'm glad H&H is there for all my honey needs. Thanks, H&H.

Derrick Lee Perrin gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

Love local honey and bee pollen. Best tasting and so healthy. Been buying this local brand for years and I have never been disappointed

Janet Morgan gave H&H Honey a 5 star review
Jeanette Ohlin gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

I've ordered honey from H&H many times... delicious honey, super quick service, GREAT value.

Laurie Ayers Stefani gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

Perfect! Tastes great. Fast shipping too. Thank you!

Corkey True Hallberg gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

Purchased 2 quarts of honey about 6 months ago. This is the best honey I've ever tasted. H&H rocks the honey world!

Bob Del Turco gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

I have bought honey from all over the world and H&H Raw Mesquite Honey is one of the Very Best I have ever tasted! Also , I don't buy honey unless it is completely raw because this is where you get all the real nutrients that honey contains! I believe H&H produces a High Quality Raw Honey the way it should be!

Rick Davis gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

Best hhoney I've ever had. I eat a spoonful of it after workouts for no particular reason other than its delicious.

Dackota Johnson gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

I just snatched me the new honey comb and it is as delicious as it looks! I came in pretty skeptical, but I'm blown out of the water on the taste and the unique sweet taste the raw honey comb brings. But if you're not into the comb the raw natural honey jars are to die for. Customer for life :)

Abe Kashiwagi gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

This honey is unlike I have ever tasted before. It's so sweet and smooth. I can't get enough!

Reyna Bovée gave H&H Honey a 5 star review

This honey is amazing! I had the mesquite honey and cant seem to get enough of it. I sneak it like I sneak candy, for when my kiddos catch me with a piece of toast, drizzling this golden goodness on it, they run at me and tackle my legs demanding to have a bite- which, by the time they are done, is about all I am left with!! Just a word of cation though, if you aren't used to amazing honey, once you get hooked on this stuff, you will never think honey from stores or what they offer you at a restaurant is good again!! This stuff is fantastically good and you wont be able to go back to regular honey again!!

Stephanie Heywood gave H&H Honey a 5 star review
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