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I never knew how bad my anxiety and OCD were, until Elizabeth set me free... I've only seen her once, but I feel as though I've had a personality transplant. I was on vacation yesterday, and I was able to relax more than ever before. I enjoyed the drive, instead of feeling like I needed to hurry and get there already... In fact, I drove slower than I normally do, because I didn't feel rushed. I'm able to be in the moment and practice awareness on a much greater scale now. Today I had time before an appointment, and I sat on a bench and just enjoyed the beautiful day, instead of feeling like I needed to be accomplishing something. I can't wait to take my next vacation, and truly enjoy it, rather than just trying to get away from an overly hectic life. Elizabeth, I love you, thank you so much!

Olivia Love Worthy gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review

My Rapid Transformational Therapy session with Liz was beyond phenomenal. Her techniques are stellar and she was unbelievably effective at getting me really deep into hypnosis. She has a unique style which I really love. I felt like she totally "got" me from the moment we started our session. She took me to vitally important scenes that had to do with my worries about financial security. Not only was I able to see the root cause of my financial blocks and worries, but I had an indescribable epiphany in which I saw "the big picture" in a way that was crucial to understanding the entire trajectory of my life!! The worries are GONE and I have a sense of peace and calm that I've never had in my life, and people are commenting on the change they see in me. The session was absolutely priceless in my opinion and I would gladly pay triple her fee! I can't recommend Liz and RTT enough. A million thank yous! You've changed my old limited money story and my entire life in 90 minutes, which is something I have been struggling to accomplish for over 30 years. I'm getting new clients every day and I know to my very core with absolute certainty that the universe has my back and I never need to worry about anything again. Thank you so much. Kasia W., Concord, New Hampshire

Kasia Weglarz gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review

I asked Liz for improvement in focus and chronic disorganization. After my session, I started straightening up my office and throwing things away.I sent my daughter a photo of my office - she just said WOW!! I'm continuing to work on it each day and stay on task with the project of organizing and de-cluttering my office. Also noticing that I'm finding it easier to pick things up that I would ordinarily just let lay around. As for focus, I was immediately able to start reading a book without losing focus on what I was reading. So great to be able to read an entire article without getting bored, unfocused, or feeling like I have to skim. Liz is brilliant.

Toni Charbonneau gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review

Thanks to Liz, I have come up from a downward spiral and returned to my "normal" self again. Before I saw her, I continuously played the same past negative events over and over again in my mind. I never had to worry about Liz judging me when I told her about these events. As she tapped on me, she had a way with words that helped me to realize that I was just hurting myself by replaying these memories. She helped me to completely change my perspective on what had happened, for the better. Liz taught me how to tap on myself to overcome negative emotions. To help improve my confidence, she made a homeopathic for me to take home. I cannot adequately express how life-changing Liz's Faster EFT was for me! It was amazing to see how much healing I experienced in such a short amount of time.

Stacy Robinette gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review

After reading Liz's reviews, I felt compelled to call her and after speaking with her, I immediately felt like she understood me. I have tried so many... more

Lorraine G. gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review

I came to Elizabeth for help due to having anxiety and past trauma. Elizabeth assisted me in discovering the root of my anxiety through tapping and rapid... more

Anh Q. gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review

If you want to get to the bottom of something FAST - there is nothing better than RTT in my opinion! I did an RTT session with Liz and loved the whole... more

Keats E. gave Heartfelt Wellness a 5 star review
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