Healthy Life Therapy

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9666 Business Park Ave., Suite 202
San Diego, CA 92131
United States

Very happy with the support of my therapist at Healthier Life Therapy. It is making a huge difference in my kids lives as I see them improving dramatically struggling with difficult times through our divorce.

Thank you very much and I highly recommend them.


I'd like to thank Healthier Life Therapy for their encouraging approach to getting me through some rough times.

Looking forward to attending more sessions and going to your classes. Combined they are making a big difference for me. Can't say enough on endorsing them for every life situation!!... See More


I went to Healthier Life Therapy for stress managment in my daily life.

Outstanding group of people with great service. Thank you!


Great sessions. Helped me find ways to cope with the stress I have been dealing with.


It was nice and fast...


Healthy Life Therapy is the perfect place to get in touch with your mind body and spirit


Gretchen is an wonderful yoga instructor.! I always leave her class feeling stretched out , relaxed and ready for the rest of my day!!!

Evelyn D gave Healthy Life Therapy a 5 star Rating

I love Healthy Life Therapy. Gretchen and Lily calm force and joyful serenity eased me into a place I feel safe and allow healing to occur. The reike circle of masters toned the vibrational space towards synergistic healing. Me and my husband felt the change for days after. Thank you Healthy Life Th... See More


Dr. Pound is wonderful. Her yoga classes are effective and relaxing and her teaching style is gentle yet challenging. I highly recommend her yoga classes.


I really enjoyed the event. The energy of the environment was peaceful and relaxing. Picking a card at the beginning wasva nuce touch, so was the meditation at the end. The meditation helped us leave with a good feeling. I wish i would have laid down for the reiki section because it was very painful... See More

gretchen P gave Healthy Life Therapy a 5 star Rating

Healthy life is a true care with compassion. The staff is always ready to connect with you and the doctor will take any slightest or biggest oportunity to listen, help, advice and make a posotive long term effect in patient's life. I highly recommend healthy life!


Great workshops! Taking the yoga for peace of mind workshop, which is reducing my stress and anxiety. Will be taking others too.


I feel the sessions have been very beneficial to me. The doctor has been very helpful in dealing with my issues. I highly recommend Healthy Life Therapy.


Great service...

I'm the type of person who always seems to put off getting help. I finally took the time to take care of myself and went to Healthier Life Therapy. It has been such an awesome experience and really made a different in my daily life. I can't thank them enough for this. Thank y... See More


I love HLT. The workshops are A #1. I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated when I leave there. The waiting room atmosphere is very inviting with calming music and positive vibes.


HLT has made a stressful time in my life a positive experience. I love the holistic approach to therapy that this practice has including Lily the therapy dog! Making my appointment was quick and easy. I was able to go online to do my paperwork before my visit to save time. I would highly recommend ... See More


I really enjoyed my sessions with my doctor.

They gave me practical techniques to use in my daily life that have really made a difference.

Vas Chohan gave Healthy Life Therapy a 5 star review
2 years ago
Randy Jasinski gave Healthy Life Therapy a 5 star review
2 years ago

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