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I started using oils in the fall of 2015. I was suffering from acid reflux and heartburn. Doeterra oils helped change my life. I started with Digetzen oil. I would rub it on my feet (mixed with coconut oil) daily. If my heartburn was really bad, I would rub the mixture on my chest. I started seeing improvements. I also started seeing a chiropractor at the sametime. The combination of the two really helped me. I am no longer on acid reflux medication. YAY! I still use Digetzen daily - morning and before bed.

Since 2015, I have expanded my use of oils. We diffuse different oils almost daily. My children have personal favorites they enjoy too. When my daughter is tired, we might diffuse peppermint for a pick me up. On days when we need calmness, we might diffuse Bergmont. I love the choices - how they make us feel and how they feel. In addition, we use On-Guard to prevent sickness. My family uses roller balls to apply On-Guard daily.

I cannot say enough about the oils. We will continue to use them....and explore the benefits of new oils. My husband (who had no interest in oils and was very hesitant about using them at all) now diffuses oils in his office; and is receptive to application.

-- tina B

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