Healing of the Nations, LLC

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When my teenage son was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder I was looking for anything natural that I could use to help him. I had heard about essential oils and that Diane Sanders was a distributor of doTerra oils. I contacted her and loved her knowledge and no pressure approach. She provide... See More


I started using oils in the fall of 2015. I was suffering from acid reflux and heartburn. Doeterra oils helped change my life. I started with Digetzen oil. I would rub it on my feet (mixed with coconut oil) daily. If my heartburn was really bad, I would rub the mixture on my chest. I started seeing ... See More


In August 2015, I was at a crossroad in my life. I had been retired from my career for a little over a year and needed something to change in my life. I had developed anxiety over the years and had stopped driving on the highways living in Northern VA, that meantcitctookvawhike to get places). I ... See More

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