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Good morning and Merry Christmas.
We have known Jason and have been investing with his company for over 12years.
I trust him and his team to find the best markets and best providers in those markets that are available.
Every now and then he'll get a provider who doesn't live up to his standards but then he quickly will let that provider go and find a better one.
Whithout Jason's service and knowledge I would never be able to invest in the real estate market the way that I do.
I've listened to everyone of his podcasts, some more than once. Been to most of his Masters Weekend events. But know matter how often you listen or attend an event you always learn something new. Not to mention all of the great people that meet.
Jason have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for what you do.
Joe and Alda Goncalves

-- Joe and Alda G

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