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Woody gave Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast an AWESOME Recommendation

Woody T gave Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast a 5 star Rating

Jason’s podcast is always full of interesting information and commentary. Sometimes highly controversial, sometimes outright hilarious, he is a wealth of knowledge on creating wealth!


Great podcast with interesting topics, timely information, and Jason is a great host/interviewer.


Good info. Too heavy on the "conservative values" for a "Creating Wealth" podcast. Specifically, while the conservative values espoused might be applicable to creating wealth, and as such should probably be addressed, the style of delivery comes across as snide and arrogant, seeming to belittle any... See More

Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast Replied: Clearly, we need to help some people... Read More

Joseph enjoyed the experience with Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast

Joseph L gave Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast a 5 star Rating

Jason Hartman's Creating Wealth Podcast is essential to my weekly listening schedule because the perspective Jason provides is unique and brilliant. I have been listening for years. Jason's insights are spot on, and time usually proves his point of view and strategies are correct. I also appreciate ... See More

Robin G gave Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast a 4 star Rating

I don't believe in luck, I believe in trust and understanding, I've been with Mrs sophia for some YEARS and I've made good amount of money with his simple strategies of trading. Meeting with her has been the best experience that has happened to me in this past few years and I'm expecting yet another payment from the broker. Scammers are everywhere but to find a reliable trader like Mrs sophia is not an easy task and my advice for you all is to come over and join her. Contact heremail: sophiaswatson90@gmail.com... Read More

Sugar Boy gave Jason Hartman & The Creating Wealth Podcast a 5 star Review on Facebook

Through Jason Hartman and my realtor Sara, I was able to have the confidence to buy a home in another state. I'm very happy with the results and I'm now looking for another home to buy. I feel confidence working with the group.


Gina and I have learned so much about RE investing through the JH Network. We are so grateful for all the assistance, education, and awesome people we have met along the way. This has been life changing for us, and we will be forever blessed to be a part of the Empowered Investor Network going forwa... See More


I listen to the podcast (no video). This podcast does a great job of explaining the different concepts in residential real estate. It is enjoyable to listen to. Jason's snarky comments bring an extra dimension but may lead some to be turned off.


Jason Hartman and his team have provided us with so much knowledge about gaining wealth through real estate. By listening to his podcasts for years, we've been able to grow our real estate portfolio in a smart and sustainable way that really provides us the type of wealth building we were looking fo... See More


Great info, covers all aspects of real estate investment with some editorial observations and political criticism.


Great information, great guests, great show.


As always Jason gives everyone the benefit of his vast knowledge with no strings attached. He also brings to us experts from all parts of th real estate world. Thanks Jason.


I’ve listened to the Jason Hartman podcast for years. Great information with entertaining conversations. They are thought leaders on real estate investing and the economy and they provide access to good investments with integrity.


Jason has been my investor mentor for over 10 years. As a real estate broker now for 35 years I knew about selling real estate and about many aspects of real estate but not investing until I met him. It changed my life. When the real estate market crashed with his guidance I went all-in and bought m... See More


Great podcast!! I listen to it everyday. Covers investing, current economic issues, and personal development issues. Great host, great guests, and great content. Best podcast out there


The best podcast for real estate investing!


Well it started with Jason 12 years ago buying two properties and now I just bought a 3rd last year, my only regret I wish I would have bought more, a few years back. I'd like to get one more property. Dealing with the Jason Hartman group has been great, his meeting of the Masters and podcast are ... See More


Good morning and Merry Christmas.
We have known Jason and have been investing with his company for over 12years.
I trust him and his team to find the best markets and best providers in those markets that are available.
Every now and then he'll get a provider who doesn't live up to his standards b... See More


Very well done , lots of information, great presenters.
it was kinda of nice attending Meet the Masters while sitting on my couch.
But since i live very close to where the event is normally held I have to say that in person is better.
But under the current circumstances i'm glad we were able to h... See More


Excellent info and support by the wonderful team!


Jason and his group thought of every detail to make it easy to begin investing in RE. The weekend was very comprehensive and answered all the questions I had! I learned a great deal. Thank you!


I like the variety of topics and the thoughtful moderation. I have been following Jason for 7 years and he is not only entertaining, but also offers great guidance on obtaining and managing an investment property portfolio. Thanks!

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