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210 Hickory St.
Carterville, IL 62918
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I am very happy with Harness Digital Marketing. They have helped us grow our business. I highly recommend Harness Digital Marketing.


Tom Harness and his team provided exemplary customer service, outstanding value in their advice and most important- they provided a positive impact on my life. I highly recommend his team for any of your marketing needs. 10/10 in all regards!


Tom is a great and genuine guy. Gave me the confidence to commit to my branding of music and was full of good insights. Glad I stumbled upon harness digital marketing!


The presentation given to our senior seminar was very informative and helpful. I learned a lot of useful tips to use for my future goals. I enjoyed the entire presentation. Thank you for all the insight!


Don't let the crazy suits confuse you. Tom Harness is a pro's pro. Having worked with him and his company on projects in the past, I can personally attest to he and his teams deep knowledge of digital marketing. He is intuitive, concise and has an ability to focus projects and the people working ... See More


Our company was extremely pleased with Harness Digital Margeting! Ana was great and highly recommend her to anyone. She was very attentive to our needs and came up with some really great content that was definitely eye catching and made people notice us!! Thanks Ana, we love you!!


I really appreciate the information and invite! I’m always curious how to utilize Facebook to the best of my abilities.


“Hi, My name is Sandy Sorensen with Southern Illinois Farm Beginning Class. We are located in the southern Illinois region. Recently we had Tom Harness from Harness Digital Marketing do a training on using social media to advance your farm based products. It was extremely informative and provide... See More


Tom Harness and his team are extraordinary in every sense. Great attention to detail, focus and a very positive attitude. I highly recommend his team for your social media marketing needs or whatever your marketing desire. 10/10


While working with them on our Annual For Kids' Sake Superhero 5K, Harness Digital Marketing provided outstanding customer service and consistently delivered quality posts on Facebook. Lynsey was really available to brainstorm content and was incredibly friendly. The Harness Team as a whole was also... See More


Harness Digital Marketing definitely knows their stuff. The staff provide quality content and are knowledgeable about the latest trends in SEO and Marketing. Can't go wrong with them.


Harness Digital Marketing is excellent for all of your marketing needs to put your business on the map.
Great services you can depend on and great quality.


Tom Harness and his staff are very helpful. Tom Harness is definitely knowledgeable in his field and comes up with thought-provoking ideas! It is a breath of fresh air and exciting to work with him. Another comment I would like to add is their ability to communicate. Particularly, a staff member by... See More


Tom Harness and his Team at Harness Digital Marketing are outstanding people. They all work very hard for their clients, promoting their businesses, assisting in the best possible way to make sure their business grows and their lights shine. Everyone at Harness Digital Marketing strive to make a d... See More


Tom and Beth Harness are very involved in the community. Tom worked as the technical support teacher at Unity Point and continues to pursue teaching others the skills he has learned as evidenced by taking on interns and training them to be competent employees. He is very knowledgeable about people t... See More


Great, energetic group that all show a great passion for what they do. They keep the customer's best interest in mind, always.


Great People and Great Company!!!


I've known Tom for a long time. We were teaching colleagues. He was a great teacher and I can see that his ability to work with people has spilled over into HDM.
He is always available to help with any problem that may arise and his level of expertise is exemplary. Just a fine company to work wi... See More


Harness Digital Marketing has helped us grow our business. The staff is very friendly and helpful.


Want more business driven your way? Harness Digital Marketing is the Sure Fire Way!! 🤑


The HDM team go above & beyond for their customers every day! Each team member is passionate about their job, the Southern Illinois communities & helping small businesses succeed. We highly recommend their services. Listen to their advice they really know what works.


Harness Digital Marketing has a very creative and knowledgeable staff. Lynsey is a joy! She strives to learn your business to better serve your social media needs!


Tom and his team helped us understand the value of social media to a medical office. They generated excellent content for us a week or more in advance. When something new came up in our content cycle they called to discuss adding it, helping us stay current.

I whole heartedly recommend Harness D... See More


My consultation services with HDM were excellent! They took the time to fully understand my needs and goals, and quickly delivered helpful and practical solutions. I highly recommend this business and intend to utilize their expertise again!


I enjoyed this seminar. It was fun and informative at the same time!


Great information in a great format! I learned a ton! And completely motivated to move ahead!!


Tom & his team did an excellent job of educating me on the various aspects of digital & social media marketing! I would definitely recommend them for businesses looking to expand their digital presence.

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