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My daughter has always had issues with being constipated to the point she would wake up almost nightly screaming in pain! We had been to every emergency room and all they could do is give her morphine and send us home with directions to follow up with a gastorentorologist! It took forever for us to get in to see one and when we finally did he couldn’t explain why she was having these issues! He did every test possible and everything came back fine! After several visit we left with instructions to give our three year old daughter miralax every single day as our answer! I left feeling worse then when we first started and soon the miralax stopped working and we were back up every single night again! After another ER trip and many nights of driving to try to get her distracted, I started to do research and found that every thing pointed to me needing to take her to see a chiropractor! When I found Dr Curt I was Nervous but was at the point where I had nothing else to lose! This turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made and I wish I would have taken her to see him sooner! After her first adjustment, we noticed a HUGE difference, and now two years later we haven’t had any issues! No more miralax no more ER trips and no more pain! She is a happy child now with normal bowel functions! Dr Curt is amazing, he is very patient with My daughter and she loves going to see him! She loves getting adjusted so much that she likes to pretend play to be a chirocpractor! Thanks Dr Curt for helping us get on the right track once and for all!!!

-- Rebecca C

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