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Haren Laughlin was hired as a third-party inspector in our house that caught on fire by the multi-million dollar company who assigned a preferred contractor to repair this house. After a very long delay, a supposed framing carpenter showed up and replaced the fire damaged roof. The framer damaged the new roof as they replaced it. The new roof is faulty in so many ways, the walls are now out-of-plumb, and they did not tarp the roof after rebuilding it. This resulted in further damage to the dwelling from rain water. We fired the contractor, and requested initiation of the large company's warranty. So, HL Restoration was hired to inspect the dwelling and provide a report on their findings.

I was afraid and anxious about this inspection prior to the arrival of these 2 men, but my fear quickly passed. Teg Chaffee and Patrick O'Hare were gentlemen. And I do not use that term lightly. I built homes in the past, and my standards for craftsmanship are high. These men understood my complaints about terrible workmanship on this new roof: that essentially, we need to replace the new roof with a new roof. Having the knowledge base of 2 experts on both estimation and construction of the scope of work necessary, was instrumental. You have to see it for yourself, on job site, in order to understand the extent of the damage and shoddy workmanship this framer caused.

We have active cases with both the Attorney General of the State of Kansas Consumer Protection Division and the Kansas Insurance Commissioner's department, and these cases are still unresolved. The house is sitting idle due to the contractor we hired and fired. The former contractor still has the money we provided for the roof. But having Teg and Patrick walk into our house and visit with us was incredible: their visit was a very bright spot in an otherwise bleak circumstance. If we ever arrive at a point where we will be provided the money to do so, we would gladly hire Haren Laughlin Restoration to rebuild our roof, so that we can move on with fixing the rest of our house.

It is my opinion that expertise is required when building a home, and I truly believe that Haren Laughlin provides that. Thank you for the visit.

-- Jerry D

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