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I am Nayilatu Clayton
Founder and CEO of NayGroup ltd.
When I first got invited to join one of Eric Ho, course. I didn’t. Then I saw the advert on Facebook, I remember thinking how on earth I’m I going to afford this? How I’m I gonna get time off my busy weekend schedules ? Then I thought the time is now
or never! So Within few days I got the money together and I paid. Trust me it was the best investment I ever made.
The course was very educative yet fun and entertaining, from 9:30am till 21:30 each day. Eric devoted his time for us these 3days.
In the 3days business mastery course, you will learn everything you need to know about the latest trends and shot cuts for a very successful business.
It doesn’t matter what you already know. Eric Ho will teach you from scratch.
Eric’s program has definitely forced me to get out of my comfort zone. Now I know exactly what to do to get my company (Naygroup ltd) back on truck. I now know the easiest way to get my company’s operations manual done. I didn’t even know I had to document everything I do at each stage 😄, now I do. thanks to Eric ❤️.
I have also opened a Shopify store, and found some high demand products.
I now have a knowledge of how to target my potential customers and build a good customer relationship. Eric and his team are always happy to share their tips and tricks
So if you are looking to invest in yourself, Eric Ho’s programs is the best investment out there.
You get more value in return. You will be truly inspired!
God bless you Eric. ❤️.

-- Nayilatu C

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