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So far the most lifechanging experience for my life!these 7 weeks have impacked my life in so many different ways...I grew at a personal level ,as an entrepreneur ,as a human beeing! I learn so many things about how to build a successful online business,how to think in a way I would have never imagi... See More


I am Nayilatu Clayton
Founder and CEO of NayGroup ltd.
When I first got invited to join one of Eric Ho, course. I didn’t. Then I saw the advert on Facebook, I remember thinking how on earth I’m I going to afford this? How I’m I gonna get time off my busy weekend schedules ? Then I thought ... See More


My whole experience with Eric and his team at Masters of Success weekend was absolutely amazing, so inspiring ! I learnt so much, as I have done at each event I have attended so far. Such a fantastic atmosphere with all my totally inspiring fellow Creators, I miss everyone so much. Sending love to ... See More

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