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After being a stay at home mom for 2 years with my daughter and searching for the perfect day care, I discovered The Growing Room. With VPK now approaching I have nothing but praise for this school for the past 3 years! My daughter has learned so much that she impresses everyone we meet and is definitely ready for kindergarten. The teachers, the administration- everyone is always pleasant and willing to do what is best for your child. I highly recommended The Growing Room and I am going to truly miss... Read More...

Michelle Butrim gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

We had such an amazing experience with the Growing Room with our daughter. She was in the first infant room and the teachers in that classroom are so passionate about what they do and are so kind. They really made us feel comfortable with leaving her there everyday (our first baby...). She learned so much from them and would light up when we would drop her off. Thank you Growing Room!! **Highly recommend**...

Emily Schellin gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

My Daughter is in the VPK class and she has Mrs. Marta and Miss Lynsday. They're both so wonderful to her. My daughter has been progressing academically there and is learning so much to prepare for Kindergarten. I have been recommending The Growing room in Fort myers to all of our family and friends. ☺...

Dannielle Castillon gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google
Laura Waclawski gave Growing Room a 4 star Rating on Google

Before I had my LO I checked out at least a dozen daycares by far this one is the cleanest, safest, friendliest, most wonderful daycares around! You can tell from the moment you step in the door how they love the children and their job! I feel they become like an extension to your own family! I also love the option for Watch Me Grow! Totally eases your mind and heart being able to watch your LO and to see how wonderful they treat the children. I have to say at times I feel bad having to go to work and... Read More...

R Sanders gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

We've been so happy with the care and love our daughter has received at the growing room. The infant room teachers make sure your baby is treated like a family member. The toddler teachers are very loving, too. Our family has been going through some medical issues the past two years and we have truly appreciated our GRFM family's care and concern....

Melissa Rizzuto gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

Absolutely LOVE Growing Room for my 2 1/2 yr old. She has flourished so much over the past year, she can count to 15, she knows her full name, she counts to 10 in Spanish, knows all her colors, alphabet, shapes, animals, the list goes on and on !!! They are very hands on with everything, everyone is so friendly and makes you feel at home! Love the option of the watchmegrow app that lets you view your child's classroom and playground, gives parents a little peace at mind, specially for first time... Read More...

Melia Mccabe gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

Excellent staff, programs and balance of learning and fun!


Our son started this daycare almost 2 years ago, and we love it. Very nice teachers including Miss Connie, Liz, Margarita, Gail, Bearnice and others. Recommended by our family...

Tanya Grubii gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

We absolutely love the Growing Room! Everyone there is so kind and loving. We tried a different daycare that was closer to home, but only lasted four days because we truly missed the people at the Growing Room. It brings such comfort to know that our little one is really loved and happy! They offer a live feed video through an app on your phone (or you can visit the website), which we enjoy because we are able to check in on him throughout the day. It is tough leaving your child, but we are totally... Read More...

Elizabeth Engelbrecht gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google

They have taken such great care of my son. They offer additional classes of sorts. The growing room has also taken in speech therapists and my son has grown so much in his speech since! We have broken communication barriers. My son loves his teachers mrs liz and mrs otelia. And mrs connie in the mornings! The growing room keeps tabs on everything and sends out daily email reports of what they learn and do throughout the day. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of an amazing and above and beyond daycare!...

Megan Shelkofsky gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google
G Torstenson gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating on Google

I seldom go online and rate any business but have been so please with Growing Room that I had to share. We have been going to Growing Room for almost 4 years (through 4 different classrooms). We started at the Fort Myers location for 2 months because the Bonita Springs location was full at the time. The transition to Bonita was extremely smooth. Both facilities have great administrative staff as well as teachers. The staff is always friendly, professional and personable. The teachers are always caring... Read More...

Yan Yan gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google
Ruaa Adham gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating on Google

Amazing place. I loved sending my son to Growing Room. He had a fantastic experience....

Jess Anders gave Growing Room a 5 star Review on Google
Michelle W gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Gretchen T gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Dannielle C gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Laura W gave Growing Room a 4 star Rating
Nida I gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Renee S gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Michelle T gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Deanna C gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating

I LOVE the Growing Room! My son will be going there from when he started as a small infant until they stop offering school for him! It’s amazing. The staff are absolutely awesome! They are so great and patient. My son LOVES GOING THERE and gets so happy once inside. He loves his teachers and so do... See More

Rebekah S gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Aziza I gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Amber R gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Jessica P gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Melissa R gave Growing Room a 5 star Rating
Idalmis N gave Growing Room a 4 star Rating
Julia Campos Recommends Growing Room

My son Lincoln just graduated from VPK at the growing room. He was home with me for 4 years so i was very nervous about him starting school. My son has learned so much this past year! I love how almost every holiday they have a class party/event for the kids and really get the kids excited! My son came home with so many amazing projects he made in school and really thrived this past year. His teachers Mrs. Lupe and Ms. Chantell were absolutely amazing! I have only great things to say about this school! I will definitely be sending my daughter there when she is old enough for VPK. i highly recommend the growing room!

2 weeks ago
Dannielle Marie Recommends Growing Room

My Daughter and I love the VPK at this school. 😍 She has learned so much in such a short time. I recommend The growing room Fort Myers to all my friends with little ones.

3 months ago
Mely Feliciano Recommends Growing Room

This place is absolutely wonderful.

3 months ago
Renee Storms Recommends Growing Room

I love everything about the Growing room 2 of my kids came up through there. 💜highly recommend.

4 months ago
Megan Shaw Recommends Growing Room

I LOVE the Growing Room!!! They are fabulous and my son loves to go there everyday. He has learned so much. The staff are so amazing, friendly and really care about every child that attends! My son’s teachers love him like their own and it really shows! I also love the cameras so I can see my baby during the day! I 100% recommend this school! My son will be there from where he started at Infant 1 until Kindergarten! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

4 months ago
Alika Wood Recommends Growing Room

My name is Alika and I am a mother of 2 boys( 8 month old and 2.5 year old ). I searched long and hard to find a daycare that took in my kids with nothing short of love , family , cleanliness, and learning . I went to all Daycare’s in the area and had anxiety with each one until I walked in The Growing Room. It is an amazing place from the moment you walk in having a fun atmosphere and clean smell with friendly smiles. Both my children started in the Infant room. One of my little ones is now in infant B and the other is in K2B. From the moment we walk in at the front desk Miss Erica greets us with a big smile and an apple bar for my son ( my sons favorite) . She goes above and beyond every day to bring a smile on my toddler’a face . He is always excited to see her and gives her a hug . She also does not miss a beat and knows every child’s name that walks into those doors and greets everyone with a smile . My children’s teachers are amazing and have ALL been amazing in each class that we have gone through . ( infant A , infant B , k1A, k1B, k2a, and k2B) I can tell you each class has been a wonderful experience and each and every teacher that have touched our children’s lives have all grown to be family to us because they care for the children as if they were their own. They all have the patience of angels , unconditional love , and are all excellent role models /teachers . They not only learn their ABCs, colors, shapes, and numbers they also learn about right and wrong and do art work , sing , and most Importantly play . Not to mention they also teach sign language and Spanish .The children get to go outside two times a day and the playgrounds are covered and separated appropriately to age . The teachers make it fun for the children . They also offer breakfast , lunch and snack which is a perk and makes it less work for the moms and dads at home . My toddler loves his school and is always happy to go and see everyone at the school, which always make a drop off so much easier. All the teachers are comforting and welcome you to call anytime you want to check on your little ones . I can tell you as a working mom ( full time Physical Therapist ) that struggles with trying to balance work and mom life and not feel guilty having access to the cameras is another great perk. When I am missing my little ones I can tune in and check on them and get to see what they are doing and learning . I can watch my infant try to crawl and I can watch my toddler interact with his friends and teachers. It makes going to work easier and makes you feel part of their day. I could not imagine taking my kids to any other place . The Growing Room has always exceeded my expectations and I feel at ease knowing my kids will be safe , loved , and taken care of when I drop them off . I highly recommend the Growing Room of Fort Myers to any one in the area and wound not even second guess it . They are the BEST.

5 months ago
Stacy Escobar Recommends Growing Room

Hi everyone, my name is Stacy and I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to have found a place like the Growing Room. My son Liam who is 2 has been attending the Growing Room in Bonita Springs since November. We moved from NY in October and it was really hard finding a daycare we actually liked and trust. I can honestly say I go to work every morning and I know my son is in good hands. Since we’ve started here, we love the staff, the arts & crafts he comes home with everyday and most importantly the daily photos I receive of him in class. I love opening my email every afternoon and looking at everything he’s learned throughout the day, the activities, everything he ate or chose not to eat and how many times his diaper was changed. I definitely feel like the Growing Room has helped my son in various ways, he’s learned how to count in English and in Spanish, he’s learned the colors and he’s officially left his bottle for his sippy cup! I definitely recommend the Growing Room to other parents looking for childcare, I guarantee you won’t regret it! For us Growing Room way is more than just a daycare!!

5 months ago
Elizabeth Taylor Recommends Growing Room

Our almost 3 year old, Isabella, has been attending Growing Room since she was 14 months old! We had heard such great things about this place from family whose little ones attend/attended and haven't looked elsewhere since! We love how involved the staff is and how thorough they are in teaching. My husband and I are worry-warts so they are great with answering questions (even if we have a million) and making parents feel at ease. Although Isabella only attends 2 days a week, the development curriculum is definitely on point. At first I didn't think two days would make such a difference in her learning, but I was definitely mistaken! She learns so much every week, things that I may not have the patience to teach her, and is truly excited to be there, asking every week if she can go to "school". I would definitely recommend Growing Room to other parents looking for a dedicated daycare center!

5 months ago
Phillip Downs gave Growing Room a 5 star review

Outstanding school with loving teachers, great playground, terrific director, serves great food, socializes our children.

5 months ago
Holly Ross Recommends Growing Room

There is no other place I would send my little ones besides The Growing Room of Fort Myers! I kept our boys home with me until they were 1 and 3, at which time I needed to go back to work full time. We researched several places and decided on The Growing Room. They have live feed cameras for the parents to log in to, to check on your kids throughout the day, which really helped ease my mind. The teachers and staff have all taken a real interest in nurturing our kids, while they are there, to learn and grow. They work with all the kids as a group and one on one. Most importantly, our boys Love their school and are excited to go everyday! They are now 3 and 5 and have grown intellectually and socially! They both know 'some' sign language and Spanish (although I don't, so the have been times I'll have to ask them what they are saying to each other), our oldest can read, write, perform addition and subtraction, they both can recognize and duplicate patterns, our 3 year old can write his alphabet and count to 35,...I could go on and on! Socially, they've made a ton of friends and are beyond prepared for kindergarten, which our oldest will start next school year. We couldn't be happier with The Growin Room of Ft Myers! We highly recommend them to anyone searching for more than a "day care", but rather a place your child can grow and develop the tools that will prepare him/her for life!

6 months ago
Melissa McCormick Recommends Growing Room

Our son has been going to growing room for almost 2 years and we love it! All of the teachers have been amazing! Miss Erika is the potty training master, I would have been lost without her! Miss Melissa is AMAZING! She is so caring and attentive to the needs of all of her students. All the teachers and office staff are great! Our newest little one is starting there in February and we know she’s going to be in good hands.

6 months ago
Emily Page Recommends Growing Room

My eldest son started Growing Room Bonita Springs in the summer at age 4. This was his first time attending any childcare and had previously spent his days at home with me. He was apprehensive at first and often cried when I left him, but the caring and friendly nature of his teacher, Miss Yarelli, helped him overcome his fears and he has been thriving ever since. He is now in the VPK class with Miss Lupe and Miss Chantell and he loves going to preschool every day. I love that he is learning Spanish and sign language as part of the curriculum and the daily emails with an outline of what the children have been up to is a great way to stay connected. The classrooms are bright, clean and engaging and the entire facility is well maintained. I cannot speak highly enough of Growing Room and would recommend it to any parent looking for a fun, safe and encouraging environment for their children to grow both academically and socially.

7 months ago
Caity Rose Recommends Growing Room

My daughter Julianna has been attending Growing Room Bonita for the past three years. I honestly can't say enough about the wonderful director Ms. Jen, her front staff and the teachers. My little one is in VPK and is thriving. Ms. Lynn and Ms. Sabrina are fantastic. They have been wonderful with my daughters quirks and embrace my involvement in the classroom. The daycare is well maintained and the classroom ratio is awesome. I have never had a bad experience with anything. I am a social worker and my guard is always up when looking ay facilities and such. I feel such relief knowing my daughter is in great hands every day. I love how they are so involved with holiday parties, grandparents day, mother and fathers day and everything in between. My daughter attended two previous daycares before we found GRBS and I am so thankful we did. They actually care about your children and make it like another family. The cost of tuition is very reasonable with whats included. I loved their video system they offer. we love it and thank you so much for lovimg my daughter! c. reilly

7 months ago
Kelly Robinson Crocker Recommends Growing Room

The Growing Room has been a home away from home for my daughters. We will be sad to leave when my daughter graduates from VPK this year. There are 2 things every mom desires when dropping off their children, that they are safe and loved. And, the Growing Room has exceeded those expectations for for us for the past 4 years! The friendly front office staff welcome us with smiles, hugs (and, sometimes lollipops) 😉 every day. Ms. Marta is THE best! My oldest daughter was set up for success for entering kindergarten and was reading fluently near the end of VPK. Ms. Marta is patient and kind and understands, loves and academically challenges her students. Thank you all for all you do every day!

7 months ago
Lindsey Shaw Lyons Recommends Growing Room

Could not express fully in words how happy I am that my children attend this school. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter that attend. We have been going to Growing Room since my 4 year old was 2 and my 2 year old was an infant. Each teacher my children have had have loved my children as their own. They are thorough and communicative with their daily activities. My 4 year old can write her name/numbers, do basic math and is learning to read. She will excel when it comes time for Kindergarten next year. My 2 year old was slow to start walking; Growing Room encouraged and helped with her getting on her feet. (She's been non-stop since) ;) In addition to all the amazing things this school has done for my children, they also offer a "Parents Night Out" during the school year. For the cost of a babysitter, they will watch your kids on a Saturday evening from 6pm-11pm. The kids are entertained, fed, and asleep (usually) by the time we pick them up. I am also allowed for my 7 year old son to attend this "event". Having 3 kids, we have been to numerous daycares, from private to Christian-based, Growing Room by far exceeds the others. My kids ENJOY going to school (daycare). My 4 year old is always asking (even on Fridays) if "there is school tomorrow". She gets upset when I tell her it's the weekend. The school is clean, safe (locked doors, opened by fingerprints), friendly, communicative....the list goes on. Thanks Growing Room!

7 months ago
Valerie Sims Recommends Growing Room

I started my son at the Growing Room during this past summer. He was almost 4 and it was his 1st time away from me. He loved his teacher Mrs. Margie. She was warm & welcoming. He had a tough time adjusting to naptime since he no longer took naps but other than that we loved everything. My son, who is now 4 and in VPK, with Mrs. Lupe & assistant Ms. Chantell. He looks forward to seeing them every day. I'm most impressed with all the Spanish words he is learning. He can say colors, the days of the week & months of the year in both English and Spanish. My son loves circle time. I enjoy all of the creative projects they complete daily. I also appreciate the almost daily photo I recieve of my son during his day. The office staff is pleasant & helpful. They know the children by name & always manage say good morning & have a nice day to every parent. I was VERY nervous about sending my son anywhere! The Growing Room has been a great start to my son's education & has helped to grow his social development. I would recommend Growing Room to anyone looking for full time, part time or even drop in child care.

7 months ago
Nicole Atkinson gave Growing Room a 5 star review

It’s a great feeling when you know your child is in great hands! The love, attention and caring that goes on at Growing Room is absolutely incredible... I love every single teacher there. � Thank you always for such a great experience! �

8 months ago
Taly Hernandez Recommends Growing Room

El buen cuidado en los niños como en todos los detalles me gusta

8 months ago
Lynne Campagna Recommends Growing Room

I have been employed by the Growing Room in Bonita Springs Florida for four years. I relocated from New York to SWFL and began working at this adorable preschool. I absolutely love this job. The children and families I have met are incredible. It is such a happy,healthy, and safe environment for all. I highly recommend coming in for a tour if you are searching for a facility. The program is accredited and the curriculum is fantastic. The school is equipped with cameras for parents to monitor the child’s day. We also have an open door policy for families and encourage participation. The children enjoy breakfast, lunch and snacks from our fully equipped kitchen daily. I will continue to teach VPK until I retire because it is my passion. Please come take a tour soon.

8 months ago
Blanca A Fraile Recommends Growing Room

My son love this place!!!! thanks you teachers!!!Thank you for making my son feel happy in this place

8 months ago
Joelle Hanneman Recommends Growing Room

I just wanted to say thank you the Growing Room of Bonita Springs and to all of your staff! My son has come so far being a late bloomer at your school and he loves his days with his teachers along with all of the fun and educational activities😊 I love watching him when I get a moment to peak in on the cameras and he always seems to be doing great! So thank you again for your hard work at having a clean, safe, fun filled and amazing learning experience for my son!

8 months ago
Karli Turner gave Growing Room a 5 star review

The teachers and staff at Growing Room are fantastic. They treat the kids like their own! They have created a fun and safe environment for learning.

11 months ago
Lauren Joshua gave Growing Room a 5 star review

Growing Room Fort Myers- I want to take a moment to express how thankful I am to have a school/daycare that not only teaches my son to be the best little boy he can be, but a school with teachers who show so much love and kindness throughout the day. Being that my son was born a premie, he struggles with language and speaking in phrases. Because of the dedication at Growing Room, my son surprises me each day with new words and things he's learned- at only age two and a half! Thank you for taking the time to send me pictures throughout the day, and thank you for taking the time to plan and prepare daily activities to engage my son in things I cannot do at home! We can't wait for our little girl to join the Growing Room family in December!

11 months ago
Anna Shires Recommends Growing Room

I would highly recommend Growing Room Fort Myers to anyone looking for great day care. My children have attended for over two years now and we’ve been very happy the whole time. My girls run in to school every morning to see their teachers and teachers in other classes even. All the staff are very friendly and welcoming, the school is clean and well equipped. Any issues are addressed quickly and professionally, it is easy to approach teachers, administration staff and the directors. The children are very well cared for, their days are filled with learning and a lot of fun. The teachers pay attention to each child’s passions, interests and needs, my girls love to draw and color so every day I get handfuls of “art” to bring home! There are always special events, parades, parties, themed weeks etc. I feel we get excellent value for money, it is a wonderful, nurturing and happy place.

11 months ago
Elizabeth Buchinski gave Growing Room a 5 star review
1 year ago

My youngest went to the growing room for. 2 years . I was very happy with how clean and well organized the place was . The teachers were very involved with... more

Suni K. gave Growing Room Child Development Center a 5 star review

After being a stay at home mom for 2 years with my daughter and searching for the perfect day care, I discovered The Growing Room. With VPK now approaching... more

Michelle B. gave Growing Room Child Development Center a 5 star review

My daughter has been enrolled at Growing Room Fort Myers/Gladiolus location since she was an infant. She is almost 2 now, and I have to say I couldn't be... more

Alicia B. gave Growing Room Child Development Center a 5 star review

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