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I recently had the opportunity to become a member of the StreamBos family. I’m a newbie of Live Stream videos but I took the plunge because I know how important it is to connect with people. With live streaming, your tribe gets to know you, the real you and that’s powerful. I’m a Health, Wellness and Happiness Coach so I’m wearing many hats. Once I understood the power of video and how it can help me save time, I started researching for a platform that could allow me to stream in many places at once, unfortunately everyone I found had issues that just didn’t feel right for me so I continued to do live videos in only the places I felt would give me and my tribe the most value, then Gregg Blazer introduced me to StreamBos. This went above and beyond anything I could imagine at the time. If you are a marketer, coach, mentor, teacher or professional that wants to be able to reach more people in more groups or platforms this is a must have program for you! I’m blown away at how powerful this simple software is, it’s so easy to install and nothing else is required. Thank you so much Gregg for introducing me to this remarkable program!

-- Tammy T

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