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My wife and I love GHES Darnestown Campus. Our daughter attended last year as a two year old in Mrs. Sylvia's and Ms. Ciarra's Two's class and the experience was fantastic. Our daughter had some adjustment issues attending her first school (i.e., a bit of crying at drop off) and Mrs. Sylvia and Ms. Ciarra showed her tremendous love, kindness, patience and caring and made the whole experience as wonderful as it could be. We always knew we were leaving our daughter in a safe, nurturing, caring environment and that made us feel great. Mrs. Sylvia and Ms. Ciarra went above and beyond in any number of ways. Often times they would "fix" our daughter's hair during the school day (because daddy's hair skills are somewhat limited in the mornings) by either braiding it or putting it into nice pony tails, and often times they would let her sit on one of their laps during activities because it made her feel better. They obviously didn't have to do that, but they did because that's who they are - they are very kind and they care. Aside from that, we also felt that our daughter was in a wonderful, fun learning environment, and that she learned a great deal during her first year at GHES, and also grew as a person. She eventually actually wanted to go to school because she came to like it so much and she was always coming home with some cool, fun project they did that day in class, which also had some educational/learning component to it. Of course, they learned about the basics (numbers, colors, days of the week, etc.), but the learning was always made to be very fun and they seemed to really enjoy whatever it was they were learning at the time. In addition, the school is extremely well run. Kristen, who is the GHES Darnestown campus Director, does a great job at organizing various fun events throughout the school year and communicating all sorts of information parents need to know during the school year so that everyone is very well informed of what's going on, any particular events coming up, any forms needing to be submitted, etc. Overall, we are extremely happy with our GHES experience and can't say enough good things about it. We are very much looking forward to next year and seeing our daughter grow even more in this wonderful, caring and nurturing learning environment.

-- Eric P

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