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I love Gemm Learning because it was the only method I found that actually taught my dyslexic daughter to read! ... See More


My daughter has come so far with her reading in the year we’ve been using Gemm Learning. The staff is wonderful and always willing to call and walk her through a game or to boost her confidence. ... See More

I love Gemm Learning because it was the only method I found that actually taught my dyslexic daughter to read! -- Faith C

Faith Cabibbo gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

My daughter struggled with reading starting in 1st grade. She was in danger of retention through 1st and 2nd grade. Nothing I tried seems to help her improve. She started the FastForWord program through Gemm Learning just before 3rd grade. I noticed a difference within the first month. She was reading better and even getting 100% on her spelling tests. By the time she went into 4th grade she was reading above grade level and now in 5th grade she is still above grade level. I loved the fact that, with Gemm, I got weekly progress reports and there was someone checking in at least monthly to discuss her progress. There was always someone available to answer questions and explain the program and the changes she would see with each level she did. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Gemm learning.

rain precie gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

I would like to commend the staff at Gemm Learning for going above and beyond my expectations regarding support. They consistently check in and offer ongoing feedback weekly. The staff are available at all times if you need help and respond to requests within 24 hours! They have detailed knowledge of the FFWD program and the benefits of committing to the program. They offer strategies to help motivate if motivation wanes in your child. I have seen firsthand the difference FFWD has had on my son, who is on the Autism Spectrum. I feel that as he has progressed, there has been improvement in his reading, spelling, writing, processing speed, vocabulary and comprehension! So much so, that his younger brother (neurotypical) is now going through the program as well. Each child has individual needs and the program focuses on their areas to improve upon. It is WELL worth the investment. I can't say enough about how happy I am with the FFWD program, but more importantly with the quality care provided by the Gemm Learning Team. Keep it up, you ladies are amazing! Cheers, Christine Pitkanen

princess pitty gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

My son was in a near fatal car accident in August of 2015. He was heading into his senior year! As a result of the accident he sustained a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). And has missed his senior year! But, Gemm Learning to the rescue! What an AMAZING program!! CJ has excelled so much because of the tailored program they have provided him and he will be back at school as a senior and graduating in 2017! I can't even express to you how amazing Gemm Learning is!! And it's only been 10 months post accident and he didn't start Gemm Learning until 7 months post accident! That says it all!! And the staff....AMAZING!! If your not using Gemm Learning, you are not doing what's best for you or your loved one!!!

Lori Haase gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review
BattleBeast gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review
Lori Haase gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

My son, CJ, was involved in an almost fatal car accident. As a result, along with many other injuries, he received a very severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). At the time he was 17 and would have been a senior in high school this past year. He is now 18 and 10 months post accident. He will be finishing his senior year and will graduate in 2017! THANK YOU GEMM LEARNING!!! This program is AMAZING and CJ has grown so much with it! They designed his program for him! And the results are just phenomenal!! CJ has excelled and it's all due to Gemm Learning!! We are so grateful for Gemm Learning a and will continue to use them as CJ continues his recovery!! This is an absolute must for anyone with a TBI.

3 years ago
Julie Dib-Lib gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

Gemm Learning was a great experience for my daughter! She ended first grade struggling to get up to grade level with reading. By the end of second grade she was reading a full grade level ahead of where she was in school. She now spends her morning sitting on the porch with a good book. Thanks, Gemm!

3 years ago
Erin McCandless Lukoss gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

This program helped my child learn, not just learn to read. She gained confidence and understanding with each lesson. Best thing we ever did for our child! It's never too late!

4 years ago
Luanne Coon Rogers gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

We LOVED Gemm Learning! It was definitely the largest component, in our lives, of pushing past the struggle of reading! My daughter enjoyed the freedom of being able to do the program herself and not having me "hover" for the first time. We loved that instructors would check in with us almost on a weekly basis, to see where her program needed to be tweaked or changed all together. The program itself was unique, fun and helped Ava make leaps and bounds of progress, but it was also the one on one attention by someone who completely understood her difficulty, that made it so wonderful. My daughter and I grew through this experience, in many ways and would recommend it to anyone struggling to read at any level!

5 years ago
Merri Dennis gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

Our experience with Gemm Learning was very positive. I was so pleased by the support provided and the check-in phone calls. Although my son was often resistant to the exercises, he made significant improvement (2 + grade levels in reading comprehension). I would strongly recommend this program.

5 years ago

My son made remarkable gains while using the FastForWord program from Gemm Learning. His reading comprehension, spelling, and grammar improved - which led... more

Becky F. gave Gemm Learning a 5 star review

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