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Hello! My name is Dave, owner of DNB Consulting, and I’m a Real Estate Investor based out of Columbus, Ohio. While seeking a way to expand my business through available capital, I found Fund and Grow (F&G) through another long time experienced investor by the name of Mitch Stephen, who hosted a webinar where other business owners could take advantage of their services.
I have to tell you that I am truly glad to have found these folks, as they surely know what they are doing. Veronica, on the personal credit side, helped me to get my current credit line under control and create a better FICO score. On the business credit side, and the first one month round of funding, Jason was able to secure nearly $60,000 worth of available business credit on my behalf at 0% interest.
Thanks to F&G, I now have almost $94,000 worth of available credit for use in buying property, for wholesaling, buying materials, marketing or other business needs. And this was only round one of funding! Following their guidance for credit use and management will be a great help for round two of funding to come in a few months from now, where I expect even higher levels of business credit to become available to me through card stacking. With the help of F&G, I anticipate reaching the $200 - $250,000 levels in the next year or so.
Without F&G, with their knowledge and skills within the personal and business credit world, I could never have gotten the funding levels I now have, or will have in the future. F&G makes it possible for investors and business owners to not rely solely on banks and private money lenders to expand their businesses. With F&G you build your own source of funds, and I highly recommend their services. Dave S.

-- David S

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