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After two rounds of credit funding. Fund & Grow has generated me up to 128,000 dollars. I wanted to thank Micheal Richards for all of his help, advisement, and consultation. Best advice is to just keep paying those bills down once you use those cards. Keeping those business cards at 30% and removing those hard inquiries will best prepare you for your next round. Look into (Kaydem Credit Repair which is affiliated with Fund & Grow.) Yet when it comes to putting a business together and need a high amount of use. I would give it a year or two to really let Fund & Grow put you in a serious position to acquire a business that you would be able to control without a partnership with anyone. Keep your cards at around 30%. Which would make it easier for fund & grow to convince the banks of how you are with your business credit. My advice here is NOT for all. It's important to start your business immediately, I certainly understand that. But it helped me a lot to position myself as an individual entrepreneur. One way to release a large amount of money from one of your business credit cards. Is a website called Goldmoney. You would be able to get special instructions from Fund & Grow on how to register and become a member. Once you're a member, you would be able to add your business credit card number and receive gold and then exchange for the limit amount of money. The limit you can withdraw at Goldmoney is up to 9,000.00. Yet there are other ways of withdrawing a large amount of money from your business credit cards. Fund & Grow will have a list and instructions on how you would be able to withdraw large amounts of money from your business cards. But again keeping those business cards down less than 30%. You will always be able to have the best of both worlds as to having large amounts of money withdrawn yet ready for the next round of credit.

Looking forward to my next batch very soon.
Thank you, Micheal Richards, and let's keep these rounds going!

-- Edward Z

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