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When I fist put in my application with F&G my credit score was 741, which was good, but my debt to limit ratio on two credit cards caused a problem. In order to apply for "business credit" my personal credit had to be down to a 35% or less ratio, so my representative (Veronica) went to work with her trusted sources to find a company where I could get a consolidation loan. She was great, but my debt ratio was too high and hey wouldn't help me, so I needed a new plan. Therefore, I went to lending institutions in my area to apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit and essentially refinanced my home. Not only was I able to pay off both credit cards - in full - but I was able to reduce my monthly mortgage payment with a lower percentage rate. Refinancing takes time and F&G played a big part in helping me by having my account placed in a "hold pattern" while I was able to complete this process. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for their willingness to keep my account active (but on hold) until I could get my personal credit situation under control. Working with F&G will no doubt play a major role in the success of my business and future, through their funding knowledge and capabilities. Thank you F&G!

Dave Syrus
DNB Consulting, LLC
Columbus, Ohio

-- Dave S

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