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Would like to give a very big THANK YOU to the Fund and Grow team, specifically Ms. Darrian Hunter, for working so hard and diligently with me. The journey has been quite a long one. It been nearly a year now since being first introduced to Fund and Grow. For the past few years I was focused on the idea of paying off all my consumer debt and to cut up or close all my credit accounts. I was nearly debt free but along the way I unknowingly put myself in a financially disadvantaged position in the world of credit. With a history of a few late payments and a charge off that I was dealing with for years on my own, it was suggested that I might benefit from the use of a credit repair company that could possibly help me with the last few issues on my credit report. I was referred to Kaydem Credit , which works directly with Fund and Grow. It was here that the work really began in getting my "Credit Worthiness" picture back into focus again. It has been a long and very eventful process. I have learned so much, and am still learning, how the world of finance, specifically, the world of Credit, operates. So here I am a year later, with a credit score knocking on the door of 700+, just got approved for a cash out refinance on my home and am now in a position to submit for the first round of personal credit. Yes it has been a long road. Yes it has not been as fast as I would have liked it to be. However, with the great help and consistent guidance from Ms. Hunter and the team and Fund and Grow, I am just days away from reopening the Credit World once again. This go round will be with a definite 'Plan of Action' in place and with the intent on pressing forward toward establishing business credit in the near future. I feel that I have been Blessed by God, and sprinkled with some humility and patience, to have had the opportunity to be working with such a dedicated and committed group of individuals that express their passion for helping individuals, like myself, who are trying to make positive changes in their finances in order to change the lives of other. With those with the patience, understanding, and professionalism like that found in Ms. Hunter, I know that no matter what the outcome will be on this first round of credit applications, I know with out a doubt that she will be there to continue press forward toward the ultimate goal of re-establishing my credit worthiness. May God continue to bless all those at Fund and Grow, especially Ms. Darrian Hunter. She is definitely my Financial Angel. Continued Blessings and Success. Dennis Torres

-- Dennis T

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