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I heard about Fund & Grow via Clinton Morris investment videos. My husband and I currently have a triplex and a single-family home in our portfolio. When we bought the SFH, our intentions were to build a second dwelling unit in the backyard. We already had a LLC so we didn't have to form a new one and I was the only one that signed up for Fund & Grow. The first round I received $21,900 personal and $49,000 business credit cards.
I signed up my husband and I for Venmo using the business credit card. We have two different checking accounts, so we were able to send money to each other and going into our accounts. I recommend setting your account with Venmo as soon as possible because there is a waiting period where they only allow spending $300 per week but I think after a month the weekly spending limit increases to $2999.
I just finished my second round and requested only business credit this time which came to a total of $56,500. The grand total to date is $127,400 that I have obtained.
I removed my own inquires but if you don’t have the time than you can use the company, Kaydem.
I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Fund & Grow. I honesty tried to get my husband some business credit cards to see if I was able to do it myself, but I was not able to get as much as Fund & Grow was able to get me. They really know what they are doing and their strategies work!
A special thank you to Donna for helping get the credit we needed to move our project forward and getting closer to our financial freedom. Thank you so much!

-- Lorena J

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