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I signed up with Fund & Grow at the beginning of May 2018 with credit scores of 785-803. (My enrollment fee is good for 1 year of service).

I explained at the time that my intent was to get a card or cards with 0% introductory rates, and then roll over my CC balances to new cards when the introductory rates expire in 12 months. I figured I could apply for new cards (and roll over my balances) within my one-year service with F&G. I was told this is entirely doable.

By the beginning of July 2018 (2 months later), I had been approved for 4 new credit cards with a total credit limit of $29,000.00 (one of those was for my established business). They all had 0% interest for purchases and balance transfers for 12-15 months. (My personal credit scores dropped 110 to 120 points due to the inquiries and level of credit I used.)

F&G suggests you wait 6 months before applying for the next round of credit applications and in the meantime, work on eliminating your credit inquiries and build your business credit scores - which I did.

Around January, 2019, I was ready for my 2nd round of funding. However, I discovered that to get my credit scores back up, I had to pay off all the balances of my 1st round of cards BEFORE applying for new cards. (Thus, my plan to roll over my balances did not work :-( .)

Once my credit scores were restored (around March 2019), F&G obtained 25k on 3 new cards in the name of a NEW business F&G established for me (not the one I've had for several years and had been working to build my D&B credit).

A nice service that F&G provides is instructions on how to utilize your new credit lines - including how to obtain cash from your cards.

In summary:
F&G's customer service is top-notch. My representative, Bianca Rivera, is very thorough with her instructions and very quick to respond to my questions. She has kept me fully informed on actions F&G has taken on my behalf and their results.
Even though my plan to roll over my old CC balances to new 0% cards has not worked for me, I still feel F&G's service is useful. I believe their process works best for businesses where cash is needed for a short period of time and the balance can be paid off before the 0% introductory rate expires (real estate deals, for example).

-- SL D

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