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Fund & Grow is a real game changer! I just completed my first round of funding, and acquired $54K in new credit. I'm currently working with Jose E, and he's very diligent in getting you funding. Once the process gets started, things move quickly. Within 10 days of Jose submitting my applications, $42K of the $54K had already been approved. The last creditor was asking for additional information, and that's where the professionals at Fund & Grow come in. Jose did all of the communicating on my behalf with the creditors, and it was handled. I was approved for $8K with the last creditor, and Jose immediately requested a credit line increase which was approved for an additional $4K. I'm a new real estate investor, and this extra funding will help a lot on my next project. Not having to carry more debt on my personal credit is a game changer for me. Fund & Grow is the real deal, and I'm definitely spreading the word amongst my circle of friends.

-- Jonathan C

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