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One initial note about cash acquisition fees: Don't worry about them. All the cards that Fund&Grow were able to get me had GREAT rewards benefits that nearly completely offset the cost of cash acquisition. Or ... you could take a free vacation. Up to you. Don't forget to follow up and take advantage of these rewards after you have made your cash acquisition using the strategies mentioned below.

I wasn't that impressed with Plastiq at first. My wife and I operate several Airbnbs in our local area and so rather than paying rent on our properties with cash - we just paid rent through plastiq using our 0% interest business credit cards. Just make sure you have all your ducks in a row on documentation who you are paying. They do check and if everything doesn't line up it will delay payment.
I heard during a Fund&Grow podcast with Clayton Morris that you could WIRE money directly to a closing title company escrow rather than trying to pull money off the card into a bank account and then pay to wire the money. So I just did this on 1/17/19 to buy a duplex!. I wired several thousand dollars into an escrow account and purchased a rental property! WARNING: Won't work with AMEX. Which sucks.

Gold Money
I did use go the Gold Money route. Real pain to get an account setup. Be persistent. Call them e-mail them follow up. It takes a few weeks but you'll eventually get there. I had a few issues with some of the cards not working with Gold Money. I honestly don't remember which were which. Just figure out how much you can/want to pull off the cards and try all of the cards you get. The ones that don't work go ahead and try some of the other strategies. I want to say I was able to use my AMEX with Gold Money. This also takes a little more time than the other strategies. Purchasing the gold may take a day or two. And then selling the gold takes maybe a day or two. Again... don't worry about the fees or the gold devalue if it happens to you. The rewards pretty close to offset these impacts.

Paypal (I am not a CPA or Attorney. This worked for me. May not for you. Beware)
So I may get flogged by the internet for this. But I will put it out there. Please be nice.
I have a personal paypal account. I already have an LLC with an EIN number. So I created a Business paypal account. I then paid my business paypal account using my personal paypal account using the business credit cards. Yes there are fees. Again ... don't worry about those. I want to say I read somewhere that if you earn beyond $20K in your paypal business account they have to report that income to the IRS. It is still too early to tell if I'll run into that issue. In the future - this will be used as a last resort. I don't recommend it now that I know I can wire money into an escrow account through plastiq. AMEX you might have to use Gold Money. And then use this as a very last resort.

Swipe it at a register or online purchase
This one is obvious. I've paid my property taxes online with these cards. My wife and I have furnished Airbnbs with crap bought at Sam's club, Amazon, Target, etc. using these business credit cards. They are great and easy to use this way and I encourage it.

Good luck!

Paul B.

-- Paul B

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