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Hi -
I signed up with Fund & Grow at the beginning of May 2018 with credit scores of 785-803.
By the beginning of July, I had been approved for 4 new credit cards with a total credit limit of $29,000.00 (one of those was for my newly established business). They ALL have 0% interest for purchases and balance transfers for 12-15 months.
Although I had naturally hoped for more $$, I am satisfied with my first round of funding and expect to receive much more when we proceed with my next round.
I am also happy with their level of communication. My representative, Bianca Rivera, is very thorough with her instructions and very quick to respond to my questions. She has kept me fully informed on actions she has taken on my behalf and the results.
I was able to immediately draw $25,000 cash from the cards by using my personal paypal account to make payments to my business paypal account. I then transferred the cash from my business paypal acct. to my bank. It worked perfectly and quickly - took about 3 days. (I will try using plastiq next time.)
I now have the $25k invested earning an average of 6%/month.
If you have a LOT of time, a LOT of patience, and a LOT of experience and knowledge of the nuances of the credit bureaus and credit card companies, there is no doubt you can do what F&G does. But why in the world would you? They have been able to do what would unquestionably take me much longer with undoubtedly more headaches - and their fee is tax deductible as training/education costs.
F&G is the real deal (not sleazy operators) and well worth the investment, IMHO.

-- SL D

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