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My Name Is Edward Zamarripa
Entrepreneur / Business Credit
Fund&Grow is most definitely a life changer depending upon whatever your direction maybe in your life. Thanks to Fund&Grow my business is getting the attention it deserves rather than me using my own personal credit. Which so happens to be a mistake. I want to thank Ryan Rundell for his consultation in making me see the light of how this works. Client Relations Specialist Darrian for helping me with questions and getting things done on my behalf. And my deepest sincere appreciation for Michael Richard for his professionalism and outstanding communication with me throughout this process. Which Fund&Grow got me $58,500 in just my first round of four to go. It takes time people, one way to help yourself is to build your personal credit. In my time and probably yours too I had understood that with good credit will get you a home loan and auto loan. Which is true. However what they didn't tell you is with good credit another direction that you can go to that would help you get those things and more and not have your personal credit be affected. Would be business credit. It's how you use it. Yes, you can use it for personal needs as well as for those who will be starting a business. Fund&Grow will help you with your credit if needed. Oh, and did I mention corporate credit? Listen, do what you got to do but I'll tell you something people. The fee for joining this group gives you a good think for a few seconds... Yeah no kidding, right? Well, don't think too hard about it. Why? Because the benefits of joining these professionals helping you will come back to you 10 fold! - Delaying only makes the year... Longer.. ugh! - DO IT! - And my best of LUCK to you ALL! - And Micheal Richard if you're reading this... With your push to those underwriters at those banks... I'll tell CEO Ari Page, I'll be a long time client here thanks to you! Keep Up The Great Work Here!***

-- Edward Z

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