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I had always heard that you should be in business for 2 years in order to get business credit. I opened my business over 2 years ago, but now I do not have the time nor the energy to jump through bank / credit hoops. I did some research and came across Fund & Grow. I opted to pay for my process, as a flat fee vs % of whatever limits they could get, because I did not want to potentially be in over my head.

From the first time I spoke to Bianca Fernandez with Fund & Grow, in Sept 2018, she was extremely insightful and thorough in explaining the process of obtaining business credit to me. She advised me of some prep work I needed to do (i.e. paying down a personal card to get my scores over 700) to get started so we would have the best chance of success. Her instructions were simple and easy to follow. Within a week, I completed my “homework” and we were able to begin round 1. Once we started round one, she communicated comprehensively, each week, so I would be able to track my progress. Bianca was initially able to get about $15,000 from 2 cards. She methodically negotiated on my behalf and was able to get 2 more companies that were “evaluating” whether to take a chance on me, to step up and not only give me credit, but decent limits as well. All total, within about 3 weeks time, she was able to get over $40,000 in new credit for me, which helped improve by debt ratios. I lost a few points because of the inquiries (6 inquiries = 4 accounts), but I gained those points back, plus some, because one of the cards reports, both, on the business and the personal report.

As with anything credit related, you must know the rules to play the game. Bianca reminded me that personal cards need to stay under 30%. She also provided me with additional information on how to use the business credit effectively so that the issuers will do automatic increases. You still have to be responsible with the credit they obtain for you, but in my case, it has been well worth the investment.

Their process was smooth and worked like clockwork. Having a background in customer service, I recognize good service when I see it. Bianca was extremely courteous and professional…plus, she knows her stuff! I have not even been with their program (officially – post homework) for a full month yet, so I am really eager to see what she can do in round 2!!

LaTanya J.
Central Florida

-- LaTanya J

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