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4001 Holly St, Suite 10
Denver, CO 80216
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Fast response, knowledgeable staff, efficient and organized, friendly employees, stayed in touch with me throughout my cleanup process, and quality care of all my possessions.


My family went through a rough time when our new home caught fire. FRSTeam did a great job at cleaning all of our items, and delivering them. As if that weren't already enough, they went the extra mile and framed my husband's signed Elway jersey for him. This is something he has been meaning to do f... See More


FRSTeam took extremely good care of us. Andy was there the night of the fire to take our emergency items. These items were completed quickly. All of our items were taken care of and they came back neatly folded or hung. Andy always maintained excellent communication. I would highly recommend hi... See More


Your crew including E, David and Bob did a very nice job and I thank you for ability to complete the job satisfactorily.


Four stars because in the beginning things were sporadic and the team did not take everything they were supposed too and were called back a number of times and they still did not get everything. Then there were some jewelry items missing which they could not locate but we found some of the things i... See More


Joe and David did an amazing job they were early and helped us move everything into place great job guys


You all have been sweethearts, I’ve had no problems. I’d use you again!


Honest, courteous, professional, organized.

We had a house fire in January 2020. FRSTeam remained in constant communication with me throughout the process, restored more items than I thought imaginable, inventoried everything in an organized and easy to follow way, and answered every question I had. Upon delivery, the folks actually apologized that they couldn’t save everything and pointed out items that they couldn’t fully restore. Their warranty for electronics is 90 days from the delivery date, and textiles is... Read More

Erin Miller gave FRSTeam a 5 star Review on Facebook

Erin gave FRSTeam an AWESOME Recommendation

Erin M gave FRSTeam a 5 star Rating

Joe was Very nice and did a great job


Joe was Very helpful every step of the way! FRSTeam is very lucky to have him as an employee.


Good response time and friendly


Looks good! On time


The drapes look good


Great and friendly service!


Good job fast response attentive customer service all around good experience.


Thank you all for what you've done


It was nice to see even small items returned on hangers. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work, stay happy and healthy!


Nice people, good customer service, great work.


Easy to work with!


You guys have taken good care of us, especially since we had to move back in with short notice.


Awesome service. Most of items looked brand new


You guys are great. Drove all the way to grand junction, so sweet and fun. Love having you guys.


Very timely. Super courteous. Very fast putting stuff away.


Very satisfied so far!


The one rug we received early was cleaned so nicely. It was bright and smelled so fresh.


You guys have been one of the better companies to work with through this process


Pretty good so far!

Had the pleasure to work with Drew. He listens to what you need done and makes it happen. This particular situation wasn't even a big project but I was treated like it was. Great customer service and they delivered per the job scope. I'll be calling them again if I ever need help.

Kyle Chiasson gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

FRSTeam are rockstars! Came out on a weekend with short notice to collect my things, we're not only professional but also really nice people. They kept me updated on the status of cleaning, and delivered my belongings back to me in perfect condition. Everything was carefully packed and organized and I'm so happy with the result.

Elizabeth Damioli gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

Thank you so much, everyone I met with and spoke to was really nice. Our stuff came back in great condition and everything was packaged and organized so neatly! No complaints here.

Alexandria Chestnut gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

Everyone is super friendly. Just a delight to do business with! They took great care with my fabrics and they were packaged so nice when they returned!

Dfaced gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

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