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4001 Holly St, Suite 10
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Fast response, knowledgeable staff, efficient and organized, friendly employees, stayed in touch with me throughout my cleanup process, and quality care of all my possessions.


My family went through a rough time when our new home caught fire. FRSTeam did a great job at cleaning all of our items, and delivering them. As if that weren't already enough, they went the extra mile and framed my husband's signed Elway jersey for him. This is something he has been meaning to do f... See More


FRSTeam took extremely good care of us. Andy was there the night of the fire to take our emergency items. These items were completed quickly. All of our items were taken care of and they came back neatly folded or hung. Andy always maintained excellent communication. I would highly recommend hi... See More


It all looks great and is nicely packaged. Thank you.


Thank you for all the communication following up in the office. Everything looks good


Casey and Kayla did a speedy and wonderful delivery, thank you so much for all of the communication with the office, the emergency order was wonderful, and the partial order of winter coats was amazing as well. Thank you so much.


Kept me in the loop, got all my stuff cleaned as promised. Great work!


So far so good, a little less personal with some other companies but I am very pleased with the work FRSTeam has done.


Thank you so much for helping us and being patient when I didn't answer the phone or forgot to call you back. Thank you for cleaning the Bible for us. Things look great so far! It's been a pleasure working with you.


Thank you Casey and Kayla for unpacking all of our things so nicely


Great service. Very efficient


Everyone was friendly and pleasant. We appreciate the phone calls to check in. Thank you so much.


Thank you for meeting me early in the morning


Haven’t seen how everything turned out but so far so good.


Thanks so much


Everything was good


Kayla, Casey, and Ashley are all amazing. Everyone has been wonderful and on top of everything when I needed last minute items.


Totally awesome!!!!


Haven’t been able to go through everything but thank you so much.


No comments, thanks


No comments, thank you.


I have been blown away by everybody to have everything done so fast and well.


Staff was friendly and easy to work with.


Thank you Casey and Kayla for being kind and patient


Great service!


Only company that did not give me a hard time


Sweaters weren’t in sweater bags like I asked, clothes weren’t organized by category together, my formal wear and wedding dress was not bagged singular like I asked, and my clothes were more wrinkly than I expected because they were condensed too heavily into one truck. Kayla and Casey were fana... See More


Everything looks good so far

Carlos Ramirez Recommends FRSTeam

I own a local restoration company and have worked closely with FRS on numerous projects. When referring out a company is is crucial I recommend a company who has integrity and is in line with the service I provide. FRS's customer service and communication is second to none. Drew has been great on every project we have referred his way. I always hear positive feedback from our mutual clients. If your home or business has been affected by a recent water or fire loss do yourself a favor and call the team at FRS.

4 months ago
Lari Abraham Recommends FRSTeam

Professional company with great follow-up! Everybody we’ve interacted has been excellent. Recommend highly.

8 months ago
Jan Denhardt Stoerck gave FRSTeam a 4 star review

Great results. Friendly and prompt service

1 year ago
Helen Kaupang gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
1 year ago
Megan Gallus-Grimm gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

We had an electrical fire that started in the master bathroom/ closet. Unfortunately the soot was in every room of the house. But FRSTeam came out right away and did a fantastic job collecting all the items in an organized fashion. Rugs, clothing, shoes, suitcases, dog beds, and all linens were cleaned. When we received the items that had been cleaned they each had been folded nicely in packed boxes that were labeled clearly. They also had clothing on hangers that were just as neat and organized. Ashely at the call center was extremely helpful to my family. We are very grateful for all the hard work during our family emergency.

1 year ago
Patricia Thompson gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
2 years ago
Deanna Richards gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

Great quality! I can't believe how fast, friendly, and high quality the service and people were. In a time of emergency I would use them every time.

2 years ago
Jack Martin gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
3 years ago
Sheila Holdren gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

If I could give 10 stars I would! Please see my post about what a wonderful thing that FRSteam did for me!

3 years ago
Helen Moore gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

Everything about our first-team family we are very awesome there's no team like the Colorado team we rock happy holiday

5 years ago
Kenneth Pate gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
6 years ago

Everyone I spoke with we're very professional and helpful with everything I needed. The ladies who picked up and delivered my belongings were great! more

Selena M. gave FRSTeam By Custom Commercial a 5 star review

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