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Fast response, knowledgeable staff, efficient and organized, friendly employees, stayed in touch with me throughout my cleanup process, and quality care of all my possessions. ... See More


My family went through a rough time when our new home caught fire. FRSTeam did a great job at cleaning all of our items, and delivering them. As if that weren't already enough, they went the extra mile and framed my husband's signed Elway jersey for him. This is something he has been meaning to do f... See More


FRSTeam took extremely good care of us. Andy was there the night of the fire to take our emergency items. These items were completed quickly. All of our items were taken care of and they came back neatly folded or hung. Andy always maintained excellent communication. I would highly recommend hi... See More


Customer personally thanked FRSTeam for everything we have done for her.... See More


I am, we are so pleased with the fast service. You were here, you took it, and now we have it back. Ben said it was almost unheard of to have things back so fast. I can't say it enough, we are so pleased. You were so thorough and communicative and we are very thankful.... See More


Thank you for working with me, you guys were amazing. I would recommend you to a friend!... See More


Clothes were picked up promptly. It would be nice that for $7,000 of dry cleaning, we could have a set delivery time, rather than a window that you'd see from a cable company.... See More


Great communication. They were very professional and quick to respond. I would definitely recommend.... See More


Fast and amazing service!I would recommend to anyone!... See More


Lonnie did an excellent job in bringing everything back, in great condition I am very satisfied, excellent job! Five stars!!... See More


Quick response, excellent cleaning and also being able to get the things as they needed it. No complaints.... See More


FRSTEAM is awesome. Great place to be employed 😀... See More


Great job guys! Thanks for good service and communication... See More


Things were so traumatic for us when our loss had first occurred, but FRSTeam helped us tremendously.... See More


The company did a great job restoring our smoke damaged belongings. Would highly recommend them to anyone. Customer service was second to none.... See More


Will email as I want to give you the best review, but I need to give it some more thought.... See More


Fast and reliable... See More


Excellent and efficient service... See More


Frsteam was great!!... See More


They were timely, professional and so efficient! Thank you for your great service!!!... See More


Timely and respected the new carpet... See More


Very efficient service and delivery. Friendly and knowledgeable!... See More


So easy to work with - they saved our vintage Care Bears!... See More


Andy and the team were absolutely awesome. We were kept informed every step through the whole processed.
We were surprised when they had put my fatber-in-laws military uniform and patches in a shadow box.... See More


Everything has been amazing! They made it very easy for us during what could have potentially been a very rough time. ... See More


They were awesome. Having a house fire was a devastatingly emotional experience. They cleaned clothes for me the same day and delivered some to me the same night at my hotel. They were courteous and stayed in touch the entire time I was out of my house. The items returned on my move back in were cl... See More


First Team was very professional throughout the entire process and kept their communication going with us... See More


Wonderful job taking care of our items so we didn't have to worry. We have been through a natural disaster and it's nice we didn't have to worry about or personnel belongings taken care of. Great great job!!! So appreciated for the lovely ladies who delivered our stuff!!! Thank you FRSteam!!... See More


Great company efficient nice people.... See More


Disappointed That the bathroom valances faded in the process of cleaning them. They no longer match the wallpaper in our room😔... See More


Excellent and efficient service ... See More


I was diss appointed but Andy remedied the situation for me with excellent service. He went above and beyond to make sure things got taken care of !... See More


FRSTeam was awesome in helping us get all our things together and cleaned up. They work very hard to make sure you as a customer is satisfied!... See More


Everyone I had the opportunity to speak with was very helpful and eager to help with getting my questions answered.
... See More


I am delayed in getting this out. Very helpful team. Wish everyone was more like them. Made this piece a lot easier that I didn't have to worry about. ... See More

I had FRSTeam help us with restoring all the soft-goods (clothes, drapes, etc) which were smoke damaged. They showed up right away, inventoried everything they were handling, boxed everything and took to their facility. They returned everything after the house was restored and did an excellent job! I highly recommend them!

Michael Richardson gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
Tammi EM gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
Jack Martin gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

If I could give 10 stars I would! Please see my post about what a wonderful thing that FRSteam did for me!

Sheila Holdren gave FRSTeam a 5 star review

Everything about our first-team family we are very awesome there's no team like the Colorado team we rock happy holiday

Helen Moore gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
Kenneth Pate gave FRSTeam a 5 star review
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