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Absolutely incredible the customer service they provide! Aside from that I had 4 things I needed off of my report. For it to be squeaky clean and man they were able to take it off! A charge off a late payment and two collections. My credit profile is now clean thanks to fortress credit pro. If you want the best customer service always ask to speak to (Ivonne Romero.) she makes sure you are absolutely informed down to the T.!...

Jay Gallego gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

They did exactly what they said they could do. Very pleased with the service.


Very professional staff the stay on top of things and I’m see ing results thank you guys so much


Very professional group easy to talk to .im very pleased with service so far things moveing along great thanks


These guys know what they're doing. So far one of my credit scores (equifax) has recently skyrocketed from low 600s to 762!! I am still shocked to be honest but so excited! Other credit bureaus are steadily going up, still, but I'm confident that it's only a matter of time before they do the same! Thanks again Fortress Credit!...

Marvyn Orellana gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

Fortress has helped me go from 540 to 721 credit score....

john stisser gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

i started with a lower 600 credit score. In just a few short months, I am now at a high 700. With the main things that were lingering on my credit and all the little things that they just threw in, made the entire thing worth every dollar. The people were very friendly and kept me updated monthly. ... See More


these guys are awesome what makes it really good as you only pay when they get the derogatory marks off so it's very very nice that way they are awesome they're fast they do what they say hell they got half of my credit clear the first month I recommend them 100%...

Dave Mello gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

Rondi is a master at what he does. Take the time to learn from this expert. Your future generations will thanks you for it!...

Adam WYNNS gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

They have done amazing things with my credit!...

Takara Williams gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

They did what they said they would! Started out in the low 500s and now sitting in the 700s! It takes time but definitely worth it!

Thank you Fortress, you guys rock!!


Fortress has been professional, easy to deal with & competent. The staff is knowledgeable & friendly. I highly recommend


At first I was hesitant to hire Fortress but who can say no to no payment unless they get it deleted. Well, they did it! I’m finally at the 700 credit score. Hiring Fortress is the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you much to a job well done.


I've been working with the Fortress Credit, just a little over 1 month now. Today, I'm so excited! An account I myself have disputed over the last year, was successfully removed by them from all 3 credit bureaus. I am totally impressed. Thank you Fortress Credit!


Fortress Credit Pro helped me handle the corrections on my 3 Credit reports within 4 months. My credit scores are showing 800, 806 and 760 on 10 July 2019.

Suzanne Gonzales gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Rating on Google

Great experience... Huge increase in scores. Very fair.. They don't charge until they get results. Great people


They did exactly what they said they would do in a timely & professional manner.


I saw an ad for their services I believe on Instagram... last October of 2018, at the time my credit was shot in the low 500’s 517 to be exact. So when I read about them I was like hmmm you won’t charge me until you can prove to me you’ve deleted items off of my report? I was all for it! I had nothing to lose. I left it alone for about 2/12 months then I get an email with an invoice telling me I owe them such and such amount, nothing crazy and they claimed they had removed some items.... so I call them... Read More...

jay gallego gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

Why don't you see a lot of great reviews for Fortress? Because most of their customers won't tell you what I'm about to. Writing a review about a... more

David M. gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star review

I like fortress because unlike other companies, the actually charge only when an item is removed. No hidden monthly fees or long term contracts. They did... more

Tom J. gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star review

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