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Rondi is a master at what he does. Take the time to learn from this expert. Your future generations will thanks you for it!...

Adam WYNNS gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

They have done amazing things with my credit!...

Takara Williams gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

They did what they said they would! Started out in the low 500s and now sitting in the 700s! It takes time but definitely worth it!

Thank you Fortress, you guys rock!!


Fortress has been professional, easy to deal with & competent. The staff is knowledgeable & friendly. I highly recommend


At first I was hesitant to hire Fortress but who can say no to no payment unless they get it deleted. Well, they did it! I’m finally at the 700 credit score. Hiring Fortress is the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you much to a job well done.


I've been working with the Fortress Credit, just a little over 1 month now. Today, I'm so excited! An account I myself have disputed over the last year, was successfully removed by them from all 3 credit bureaus. I am totally impressed. Thank you Fortress Credit!


Fortress Credit Pro helped me handle the corrections on my 3 Credit reports within 4 months. My credit scores are showing 800, 806 and 760 on 10 July 2019.

Suzanne Gonzales gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Rating on Google

Great experience... Huge increase in scores. Very fair.. They don't charge until they get results. Great people


They did exactly what they said they would do in a timely & professional manner.


I saw an ad for their services I believe on Instagram... last October of 2018, at the time my credit was shot in the low 500’s 517 to be exact. So when I read about them I was like hmmm you won’t charge me until you can prove to me you’ve deleted items off of my report? I was all for it! I had nothing to lose. I left it alone for about 2/12 months then I get an email with an invoice telling me I owe them such and such amount, nothing crazy and they claimed they had removed some items.... so I call them... Read More...

jay gallego gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

Fantastic results! (Went from 489 to 710). In fact my repair was complete in 65 days! Well worth EVERY penny! They also, included credit coaching as a part of the repair ( very helpful!)... I'm referring all my family... finally, a credit repair company thats not playing games !


I love Fortress! I was able to go from a 574, to a 756 in 5 months! They helped get collections removed that my crazy ex caused, and they taught me how to pay my cards down faster! We just enrolled my boyfriend, so excited to see his results as well!


Rondi has given excellent advice
We appreciate you very much!...

ALLSTAR SEPTIC SERVICE gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google

I am 5 months into my credit repair process and I am trilled with the fortress team. I will post a full video review after my credit repair is completed that outlines everything from start to finish. I am so happy that I found The School of Wealth podcast and the Fortress Team, it is literally cha... See More


In 2012 I had some bad credit - 400's. Over 12 months I paid off my debt, that was a lean time, but more importantly, they helped get almost all of my old negative remarks removed. If they are as good as they were 7 years ago, I would highly recommend....

Kevin Oskow gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google
Fortress Credit Pro Replied: Hi Kevin, Thanks hiring us and for the great review. It was our pleasure to work on your case!

I listened to every one of Rondi’s “School of wealth” podcast before I bought the fitness book . My credit before was in the low 600’s ! Now sitting 750’s! All I did was listen and apply and so can you!
Thanks so much Rondi and the Fortress Credit Pro Team!


I have been working with Fortress for few months and my credit score have jumped up over 100 points. They have done a great job so far and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you


Thank you all for helping me with my credit! My credit is excellent now and I got a car loan! I’m shopping for a new home! Thanks everyone for your great customer service!!!...

John Chalkias gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star Review on Google
Fortress Credit Pro Replied: Hi John, thank you for leaving a fantastic review! It makes us proud to see we deleted nearly 90% of the accounts you wanted removed, and your credit scores are over 200 points higher than when you started with us. But don't forget, you deserve a lot of credit for making that happen. Getting a great result requires participating in your repair and you did an excellent job of working with our team. Thank you for trusting us with your repair and congratulations on your awesome credit!

So one day I was driving for work and not sure how to fix my credit problems. I’ve had a pretty serious bump in my road and needed help to recover. I didn’t want to wait years for this to clear up on my credit in order to recover. Well while I was driving I was scanning through a new PodCast t... See More

Why don't you see a lot of great reviews for Fortress? Because most of their customers won't tell you what I'm about to. Writing a review about a... more

David M. gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star review

I like fortress because unlike other companies, the actually charge only when an item is removed. No hidden monthly fees or long term contracts. They did... more

Tom J. gave Fortress Credit Pro a 5 star review

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