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For a long time I have been suffering from vertigo and numbness on my head and left side of the face, as a consequence I create anxiety which I have never experienced before. After so many tests, doctors ruled out stroke, brain tumor, all the exams came back as normal but my syntoms will continue to the point that I was not able to work for 3 months. I went to one of the chiropractor close to where I live because my neck was hurtibg so much and after 3 weeks of constant visits and little results, my chiropractor told me that he would recommend Dr. Lavender. He explained that my problem was my Atlas was out of alignment and that Dr. Lavender specialize in adjusting it right away with the machine that aligns the Atlas with one touch.
Since the location was too far from my house, I took a couple of weeks to think about me driving that far to get adjusted. In those 2 weeks, I tried a lots of vitamin B12 which I saw in the internet that it could be the reason for feeling dizzie or out of balance but it didn't work. Then is when I decided to make an apptn with Dr.' Lavender. Oh wowww I cannot understand why I didn't go before. The first time I got adjusted my vertigo was 100%. After he adjusted my Atlas with the machine which I hardly felt, I have to say it, when I went outside it was already getting dark and I my words cannot explain the joy I felt, my vertigo literally had gone down from 100% to a 20%, I was able to see more clear, and did not have too much that feeling of walking right and left because for a long tume I had that unbalance feeling that I had forgotten of being balance and walking normal. Every time my Atlas gets off, I start with that feeling again and after the adjustment is just incredible the change. Dr Lavender and Dr. Jerman are experienced board certified chiropractors and very caring. I totally recommend anybody who is having vertigo problems and numbness and they think there is no solution for it. Did I mention my numbness disappeared? I'm really happy in this place and I hope my testimony help others to understand that is always a solution for any given situation. Give this office a visit and you will see the difference.

-- Alexandra A

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