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When we first started with Fittlebug we were quite skeptical as to how much the online booking would actually help and how efficient it would be. I must say that it has been a game changer. I wish we would have done this earlier. Steve is always willing to help whenever we have a question and is always working on ways to improve the program. We don't use half the features that are available to us and we absolutely love it.

It has increased monthly revenue considerably and has taken a lot of the work... Read More...

Mike Swinson gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: From someone that has over 300 reviews - That Means A Lot! Thanks...

Great product! Great service! Customers mention to us all the time how they love the flexibility and accessibility of the online quote and schedule system! Day or night, during or after hours, it is available to them. Tech savvy or not, Steve, the owner, understands, listens, and is very prompt and responsive in working with you! We highly recommend FittleBug!...

Jim Hadley gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: Flexibility was very important in the design. Thanks Jim!

Ive used Fittlebug for years. Labor costs for a CSR was getting too expensive, now all my bookings handled by Fittlebug....

JOHN Stewart gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google

I love this program and I love Steve the owner of Fittlebug. I can contact him anytime directly and he is always helpful and supportive. I think customers like to schedule their services any day or time of the week all by themselves. It's Great to wake up in the morning and see how many customers have scheduled themselves without even needing to call and speak to someone....

Angelo Pagnotti gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: Angelo - you are correct. They LOVE TO schedule themselves! What they don't like is when they're not sure that it is based on your actual real-time availability only to find out that they then get moved and question the whole scheduling thing. You're the best!

As a single truck owner operator that also tries to answer his phone every time it rings. I have found Fittlebug to be a huge God send that removes a ton of stress. I don't give price quotes over the phone but I do let customers build their own estimates and they schedule themselves on Fittlebug. I love many of the features such as being able to have Higher price minimus for areas that are further from the shop. Also the feature that allows customers to save if they book for a time when I will be in... Read More...

Joseph Chambers gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: We built it with single owner operators in mind. It allows for one or many though. All the nice features of FittleBug have come from great client suggestions like you.

Great add on to service monster. Customer's like to be able to get prices and schedule jobs. The impresion this makes on the customers is great.
Any time I've had a question Steve has responded quickly.. Thanks....

Frank Blake gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: Thanks Frank!

Great product. Great customer service. Steve went above and beyond to set everything up and helped me with everything pertaining to fittlebug and then some....

All American Carpet Cleaning and Restoration gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: There is a lot to successfully running a business that one must know. FittleBug is just a small, but powerful piece of growth and success.

If you aren’t using fittlebug for online booking you need to! We have been customers of fittlebug for our company NaturalDry for the last 4 years. I don’t know what we would do without it. Higher job averages when people can easily select items needed for cleaning. It’s also nice to wake up in the morning and see 4 or 5 new bookings come in during the night. We also use the promotion icon where you can setup discount codes or packages and include those in our newsletters sent to customers. Steve is a... Read More...

Will Saring gave FittleBug a 5 star Review on Google
FittleBug Replied: Will - Almost every client say the same as you - the online orders are almost always higher than the call ins. Thanks Will...

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