Firebird Housing

Reviews: 5

Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

2141 E Pecos Road, Suite A
Chandler, AZ 85225
United States

I cannot tell you how much our family appreciates Firebird Housing! From the first contact, over the phone, each office representative was warm, welcoming and willing to help. We had a bit of an emergency situation and they truly came through for us! If you are looking for an amazing leasing company to work fo, I highly recommend Firebird Housing!

Heather Giesegh gave Firebird Housing a 5 star review

Well I did not ultimately get a house through Firebird Housing, my experience with everyone there was fantastic! I spoke with Sheri and Caitlyn, and both were as hopeful and understanding as can be. Of the few weeks I was seeking the ideal property, my small amount of time with them was as refreshing as can be because it was so clear that they were there to help. I certainly will keep them in mind for any future residence changes amongst my family members and myself, and really could not suggest giving them a try more. Thank you for all of the help!

Corey Kurowski gave Firebird Housing a 5 star review

"We do business right" summarizes their approach to property management. There are a LOT of moving pieces with owners needs/wants, and any complications such as their own contractors, HOA, HOW etc but Firebird strives to be on top of it all and allow the owner a hands off, but well managed property. I have been with them for years, and see no reason to change. My only suggestion for improvement is tell the owner about an issue before they find out. My HOA changed communication methods one time and it was not sent to Firebird. I grew used to hands-off so I assumed all was well until a second notice was sent. Once the team found out they were not getting notifications in the new HOA system, they fixed it. This is such a small item, that it in no way detracts from 5 stars.

Jerry Jones gave Firebird Housing a 5 star review

Always on time flies for any type od assistance whenever anytime. The staff are quite respectful and informative.

Mely Camarena gave Firebird Housing a 5 star review

I've had a very positive experience with Firebird housing. They returned all my calls and emails. I have a couple friends that were interested in renting and the property managements they've had to deal with have been a nightmare. I'm so glad I found this great house under this company.

Jessica Rodriguez gave Firebird Housing a 5 star review
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