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F2a credit solutions is amazing. When I first started with them my credit score was in the low 400's and after starting their service my score has gone up 128 points in just a couple of months. Johnny is beautiful person and takes the time to understand his customer's situation and goals. Then tailors a strategy to get them there. I recommend F2a Credit to everyone I encounter that's currently working on fixing up their credit rating.

Brandon Bryant gave F2A Credit Solutions a 5 star review

Years ago, I lost my job. Because of no income, my house payments suffered which led to a foreclosure. It ruined my then amazing credit rating. People don’t realize something like that affects the rest of your life when it comes to trying to get a loan, or to buy a car, etc. A friend of mine recommended F2A Credit Solutions to me. I called and spoke with one of their team members. After a few months, my credit rating started improving. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I am finally able to feel comfortable enough to even apply for a credit card. F2A changed my life and is bringing it back to where I was those years ago. Thank you!

Ray McCuen gave F2A Credit Solutions a 5 star review

I was getting declined for credit and I didn't understand why. My credit score on my credit karma is a 745 and 763 with no collections and late payments. I tried a few other credit repair companies and All they did is charge me and nothing did changed for me. I kept getting declined. My girlfriend told me about f2a and I decided to give them a try. So I scheduled a consultation in their website. I got a call right on time by their representative Johnny. He was so bubbly and I can tell he enjoys what he doing. We talked about my credit and he mentioned other credit reporting agencies could be hurting me. None of the other credit repair companies ever mentioned that. We ordered my other credit reports and he found errors. In about a month and half they fixed my credit! I got the business equipment loan that i needed to help my company expand. Thank you Johnny and the f2a team for being so badass! You made a significant impact to my life and help my business! I am telling everyone about you!

Megan Gonzalez gave F2A Credit Solutions a 5 star review

I was given some bad advice when I was younger, which ruined my credit rating. It has followed me throughout my life - not being able to get a credit card, or any kind of a loan. Recently, I've been wanting to start my own business. I knew with my credit rating it would be near to impossible to get any type of financing. I found F2A Credit Solutions online and decided to try them out. I was immediately comfortable when talking with an Adviser. They took over and cleaned up my credit report. They coached me on how to raise my credit score even higher and how to establish business credit. I am on my way to starting my own successful business. I recommend F2A to anyone needing credit repair and financial coaching.

Divine Concourse gave F2A Credit Solutions a 5 star review

After shopping around for a new car, the dealership I went to ran 3 hard inquires on the same day.. I didn't realize this until I received a credit alert from credit karma.. I tried to have at least one removed with their finance department, but they said it was needed to purchase the car. I logged in to view my credit score and saw that it dropped nearly 40 points.. My friend suggested F2A credit solutions to see what they can do. F2A worked with me on my credit report and my score jumped up 70 points!! Thank you!

Steve Melnick gave F2A Credit Solutions a 5 star review
Quatina Northcutt Recommends F2A Credit Solutions

My credit was not in good shape at all before f2a credit got a hold of it. I went from not being able to go in a dealership and walking out with anything, to walking in with nothing down and the car of my choice brand new with no miles. I would definitely refer them to everyone with credit issues. -- Tina N

5 months ago

I honestly wish I had done this a long time ago. My credit has been bad since I got my first credit card when I was 18. I'm so happy. I feel that I have a... more

Randi T. gave F2A Credit Solutions a 5 star review
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