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EZcard has been such an awesome business tool! The app has all the bells and whistles I could want to create any great digital business card! I highly recommend the EZcard to anyone wanting to update their marketing and networking techniques! 'Thank you!' EZcard for helping the my mission! Sinc... See More


I love the ezcard!!... See More


i use the ezcard everyday to tell my story.... See More


I can reach my clients with new and improved training techniques any time I wish. The best part is that I am in charge of my business card and site. Being in charge of my own business is what I appreciate most. My clients love getting my card and will soon realize that they too need one.... See More


EZCard is a great product at start with. But beyond that, the company keeps working to make it better. They aren't interested in just being a great product. The want to be the cutting edge best.... See More


I love the innovation ... See More


The EZ card has elevated my platform tremendously. I look forward to what they have to share next!!!!... See More


The EZCard is a great 21st Century tool for connecting with your clientele. It adds life to a usually boring business card!... See More


I would encourage every business person to create an EZ card. For large companies to maintain a consistent message and contact information, for the independent; an easy way to distribute contact and marketing information faster and up to date. Better than a business card.... See More


My name is Cheryl and I've been with easy card since 2016 I am a BP which is a brand partner and I love this company I love what it stands for and the way that they strive to help people and their companies become bigger and better! Thank you so much Greg for the opportunity to work with EZ card and... See More


I loved EZcards because they are easy to design and use. ... See More

I LOVE the EZcard! Not only is it a great tool for keeping all of your information in one place as well as current...it raises your professional profile to another level! It serves the large corporations as well as the sole business owner equally! I believe in it so strongly that I became a Brand Partner here in the Bahamas...that proves its GLOBAL reach!

Deborah Gibbs gave EZcard a 5 star review

EZcard is an amazing way to have an incredible website without the overhead . Easy to use and so many options that I can change myself. It can be simple or very detailed. I recommend EZcard for all people, personal or business of all levels.

elaine james gave EZcard a 5 star review

EZcard is fantastic! I am blown away how flexible and affordable. My EZcard is better than a custom app and it may as well be free, not thousands of dollars. It’s a must have for nonprofits, churches, and entrepreneurs. I love it!

David J Dunworth Marketing Partners gave EZcard a 5 star review

Ezcard is a great way to present your business to any new contact. You have the ability to upload videos, share pictures and keep your information, products and services current and fresh. Another great advantage is your card is easier stored, accessed and shared. Business contact sharing should be simple. Ezcard makes it simple and professional.

Carol Eckhoff gave EZcard a 5 star review

Great tool. Very easy to use and leaves a great impression with everyone who sees it.

Greg Bilbrey gave EZcard a 5 star review

This is an amazing tool. Beautiful and versatile.

Jerry Johnson gave EZcard a 5 star review

Easy to use and get all your information to potential customers when you may not have paper handouts. Very 21st century.

Bob Brumm gave EZcard a 4 star review

My business has increased by using may EZ cards. My clients receive my card and read my tabs, when I arrive I answer questions instead of trying to sell. My EZ card does some of my selling for me. It made sense to me soon as I saw it. Once I purchased my card it was easy to produce. LOVE IT.

Andy Hogue gave EZcard a 5 star review

FANTASTIC Smart-Phone App!! Okay, so I'm biased because I started this whole EZcard thing, but ... even before I owned the software, I saw this technology (that others had developed), and I was totally blown away. Now, I'm totally impressed with EZcard because it's not just "mine" any more, but I have a totally amazing TEAM that is working with me to take this product to places that none of us dreamed possible. We have programmers, graphic design specialists, marketers, and faithful EZcard users, all plugging in to help us deliver something that really lets people "Share Their World" with EZcard, and that on the community level, truly "brings communities to life." Thanks, Jen, for starting this web page where people can weigh in. Let's have a great 2018!!

Gregory L Sanders gave EZcard a 5 star review

Amazing way to share your world, your story, your business! Very Cool

Jennifer Fox Thomas gave EZcard a 5 star review

Fantastic product! Very easy to update, keep updated and share!

Carol Donaldson gave EZcard a 5 star review

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