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Made the selection process very easy. Had great suggestions and really appreciated the time spent to go through all of our questions.


I have a very pleasant experience working with Eternity Homes. The team at Eternity Homes are very knowledgeable and detailed ,also very helpful with any questions I had.


Our experience with Eternity Homes has been great so far! Pat has been very easy to work with, and helped tremendously narrow down our selections and make our picks. He was great at determining our style and taste and suggesting things that match it. They also have great choices that are standard an... See More


This is a wonderful builder, I had a good experience with them. The whole process was very professional and easy to follow.


We had our selections meeting with Pat today and he was awesome at helping us. Great suggestions and made the process seem less overwhelming than we were expecting. Excited for our first home to be completed!


We are currently building a home with Eternity Homes. The selection process was very nice and easy. We are looking forward to our new custom home.


Eternity Homes has been absolutely amazing. Pat has made the process of building a home so exciting and not stressful. He is so knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Eternity Homes!


Pat was very knowledgable and understood our taste and suggested perfect choices for our new home. The huge selection of standard selections was amazing. Great experience and excited to move into our new home


The process of building our home has been fun. We are excited to see the final product when it is all done. It's sure to be beautiful.


Great selection. Easy to describe what we want. Pat did a great job of explaining the different options but not forcing one way or another. Great amount of standard options to chose from. Didn't feel like we were adding on costs just to get what we want.


Working with Eternity has been great! Process has been smooth and moving right along. Pat is very knowledgeable about the homes he is building and gives honest feedback, which we greatly appreciate! We would recommend Eternity to our friends and family.


Pat Flynn was extremely professional, knowledgeable and offered so many options when it came to our selection process. His homes are well crafted and are stunning! We cannot to see the end result. He made the selection process less stressful and ensured that we were happy with the end results. He definitely takes so pride in his work.

Kristine Louise gave Eternity Homes a 5 star Review on Facebook

Pat Flynn was fantastic to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional and look forward to seeing the end result. The homes he builds are stunning!!


Excellent service, great products to choose from.


The selection process was quick and easy as there were many top grade choices making it easy. Pat was helpful and gave us great advice. We came in with a plan and was able to follow that seamlessly.


Great experience! Knowledgeable and helpful with all of our choices.


Pat was so helpful in making selections that would look great and fit our style. Very patient and kind.


Pat and team were very helpful in this process. The years of experience are evident when customizing your home.


Pat made every single decision a beeeze! There were so many amazing options to select from. I left our meeting so happy and confident in every decision we made. I can't wait to see everything when our home is complete! Thank you again, Pat for being so knowledgeable and passionate about helping you... See More


Eternity Staffs have been very accommodating with our needs and wants. They are very quick and precise in answering our queries.. Patdid a very good job in guiding us all the way in building our dream house.


Great experience with Eternity Homes. Pat was great at helping us pick out our options. He makes great suggestions and helps make the process easier.


We were really impressed by EH quality work when walking through the models.


Great experience. Pat is very helpful and fun to work with. We can't wait to get this house built.


We had an awesome experience selecting our color schemes and layout. The pros and cons of each decision were thoroughly explained, making the process that more discernable.


Pat is super knowledgeable and professional. The process has been great and we look forward to our new home!


I like the down to earth services, detailed explanation on the building process. Eternity Homes provides updates in the process and are always ready to answer questions. I will recommend working with them and entrusting your building to their expertise.


Eternity did a great job on selections- they really took the time helping us make our selections for our dream home.


Eternity Homes made the selections process super easy and gave great, honest advice!


The company is quick to respond with our queries. They have good modern designs and a lot of choices can be made from...

We had our selections meeting with Pat today and he was awesome at helping us. Great suggestions and made the process seem less overwhelming than we were expecting. Excited for our first home to be completed!

Devin McGrath gave Eternity Homes LLC a 5 star review

our family just moved into our new home and its absolutely amazing! We started from the ground up, from selecting the lot to making all of the design selections. I was always told that building a house is stressful and frustrating, but that was not at all like the experience we had. One of the reasons we landed on Eternity Homes, after looking at several builders in the area, was that we got a lot more high end touches for our money. In fact, we had signed and put a deposit with Country Joe and after looking at EH, we pulled out of that deal to build with EH. They were also the only builder that allowed for some home modifications....and, they offer a 4 car garage with the Sport Court. Many of the builders we met with only allow one or the other, but not both. We also had a bit of a deadline due to our rental home lease expiring and Eternity Homes came through for us, and prevented us from extending our lease another month. There are so many things we found as standard with EH that other builders wanted to upcharge. The quality and high end touches are a step above of what you will find elsewhere.

Kevin Foster gave Eternity Homes LLC a 5 star review

Great experience. Pat is very helpful and fun to work with. We can't wait to get this house built.

Pete Gagne gave Eternity Homes LLC a 5 star review

A+ I can't say enough great things about the entire team at Eternity Homes. The entire process was well laid out and executed just as they promised. Kevin and Pat were great to work with.

Megan Storch gave Eternity Homes LLC a 5 star review

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