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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

In my experience Quli is one of the best acupuncturists in the country. She is full of positive energy and happiness AND she knows her stuff! I highly recommend her and her team.

Clark Tilley gave Eternal Health & Wellness a 5 star review

Hi, I have been Eternal health for 5 times. The result has been amazing. I have some stomach issues. They did accurate diagnostic first and the main focus is balancing the organs and increasing energy. The result showed after 2 treatments. I'm less tired and have the eagerness to run and exercise more. One of the wonderful experience is that I can have the very deep rest during the acupuncture treatment and my body feel quite warm. The doctor said this is due to improving of the energy circulation in my body. I can tell my breathing ability gets better after each treatment. Thanks so much for all your wonderful work!! Look forward to a great health :-)

Yang Li gave Eternal Health & Wellness a 5 star review

I have had a total of 2 treatments of acupuncture so far and I have never had so much relief and relaxation from any massage treatment until now. I feel like I'm floating and it feels great. It doesn't hurt and it feels very warming to the body. You will love the treatment you receive from Dr. Quli Zhou without a doubt.

Nicole Askeland gave Eternal Health & Wellness a 5 star review

Quli and her staff are amazing, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. I suffered from various aches and pains from a car accident, lifestyle changes, etc. I met with Quli and just by sitting with me for a few moments in her private office room she could tell what I was going through, how to help fix me, and my treatment. The joy I felt from her presence was magical and like none other I had ever experienced. She listened, unlike most traditional medical doctors that just want to see you in and out of the office. She will work with your payment needs, budget, and time of day. She is a talented woman, and I will be forever thankful for meeting her.

KM Guru gave Eternal Health & Wellness a 5 star review

Dr zhou.When you see quli u will get the results you need with excellent care and compassion.

Anthony Decio gave Eternal Health & Wellness a 5 star review

I cam to Eternal Health Wellness Acupuncture Center for my high blood pressure and low back pain. I immediately noticed that this clinic is very clean and... more

Ana T. gave Eternal Health & Wellness a 5 star review
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